Ashutosh Singh

Galaxy S23 Ultra beats iPhone 15 Pro Max in battery test

October 3, 2023

Last month, Apple released its latest generation of iPhone - the iPhone 15 series with four new phones.

iPhone 15 Pro models come with a slew of new features including powerful A17 Pro Bionic chip, better cameras, USB C, Action Mode, and bigger battery.

iPhone 15 Pro boasts a 3,274mAh battery whereas the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 4,422mAh battery.

Techies and YouTubers put the iPhone 15 Pro Max against its closest Android competitor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Here's how the phone performs in battery test.

Recently, MrWhoseTheBoss put the new iPhone 15 series against the older iPhones, check the comparison.

Video Credits: MrWhoseTheBoss

TechTalkTV puts the iPhone 15 Pro Max against the 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra. He play games, explore social media, camera test, etc.

Video Credits: TechTalkTV

The Galaxy S23 Ultra runs 12hr 39m in this test, iPhone 15 Pro Max following the Ultra with 12hr 35m, whereas the 14 Pro Max runs 12hr 14m.

Video Credits: TechTalkTV

XEETECHCARE is another YouTuber testing three phones, but the results are same as the previous test.

Video Credits: XEETECHCARE

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is leading this test runs 9hr 37m, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is on the second position with 8hr 58m, the 14 Pro Max runs 7hr 32m.

Video Credits: XEETECHCARE

TuTecnoMundo, YouTuber from Spain, tested iPhone 15 Pro against the S23 Ultra, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, and iPhone 14 Pro. And the results are in the image.

Video Credits: TuTecnoMundo

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is leading in most battery tests, most credit goes to optimizations and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy.

No doubt, iPhone 15 Pro Max is doing better than its predecessor, we can also expect some improvements with software releases in the future.