Ashutosh Singh

Don't buy iPhone 15! Apple cuts iPhone 14 Price

September 14, 2023

After a long wait, the iPhone 15 series is now official. Many users were waiting for the new lineup.

And as always, Apple cuts down the prices of previous generation models - iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

Apple has reduced the price of iPhone 14 to $699. This is Apple Store pricing, so you can get it at an even lower price in sales and offers on Ecommerce sites.

iPhone 15 series come with several upgrades, but should you really buy the new iPhone 15? Find the answer next.

In my opinion it is not worth getting iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus over last gen iPhones. Why?

That's because the only upgrades the iPhone 15 has over the iPhone 14 are the Dynamic Island, 48MP camera, A16 chip, and USB C port.

The camera performance on the iPhone 14 is already quite good. However, the iPhone 15 photos can store details, thanks to the large sensor.

USB C speeds remain the same as that of the Lightning cable which is 480Mbps. So the only advantage of Type C is universal design.

So if you can live without Dynamic Island and small camera improvements, the iPhone 14 is better value for money.

iPhone 13 is also a good buy at $599, if price is limited.