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Can Apple Watch Ultra replace iPhone? Tested by YouTubers

Nov 29, 2022

We have come so far in the world of technology that even a small piece of technology can make a big difference in life.

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The modern smartwatches are the best example. Apple recently released its most premium watch - the Apple Watch Ultra.

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Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged watch that comes with a 49mm casing, a large battery, an Action button, and all features available on Watch Series 8.

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So, can the Apple Watch Ultra replace iPhones? Many Youtubers experimented this and here are the result.

Apple Watch Ultra can do most of the task that we do on an iPhone. Voice calls on Apple Watch Ultra is nearly same as iPhone.

Notifications on the Watch also works pretty good. But for typing you need to use voice typing if you don’t like small keyboards or having trouble with it.

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Payments also works flawlessly, GPS and Workouts are also great. Plus it also save time that we spend on social media for timepass on iPhones.

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The main thing you will miss while using Apple Watch Ultra is taking Photos. Internet through Cellular network is weak on Watch Ultra.

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The Apple Watch Ultra doesn’t connect with the Bluetooth on Cars, so that might be a issue if you use it daily.

THE ANSWER IS NO. The Watch Ultra can do essential things like calling, GPS, etc. But you will miss things like video streaming, social media, and more.

So, Can Apple Watch Ultra replace iPhone?

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