Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1000

For audiophile users earphone is the main accessories which they can't compromise while buying. And if the budget is tight then it's challenging to find the best Bluetooth earphone. Since there are many earphones available in this price range but not every earphone is good so you have to look for the best earphone before buying. We managed to find some top Bluetooth earphones which are capable of providing great sound quality, good bass, and balanced mids and highs. Check out the list of best Bluetooth earphones under 1000.

iBall Earwear-Base Bluetooth Headset

In the list, at first, we have iBall Earwear-Base Bluetooth Headset which is available under 1000 INR. The earphone comes with features like Mic, 10-meter Bluetooth range, 8hr battery life. It is designed in such a way that user feel comfortable while using it. You will also get extra pairs of earbuds for user convenience. To provide better call quality the earphone comes high sensitive MIC with noise cancellation. And to control the music and calls the earphone has basic buttons to play pause music and pick up calls. The neckband is flexible which is comfortable to wear. The Bluetooth earphone is available for Rs.999. This deserves to be on the top of the best Bluetooth earphone under 1000 list.

 PTron Tangent Evo Bluetooth Earphone

PTron Tangent Evo is another Bluetooth earphone which features the same specs as the iBall Bluetooth earphone. According to its price the earphone worth it, as it provides a comfortable experience and good sound quality on top. Bluetooth range is also average and good among other earphones at this price. The PTron Tangent Evo design is quite attractive because of the curve neckband. But it can be not comfortable for users who don't like curve neckband. Battery backup is around 4-6hr. Magnetic Earbuds are another reason to buy the PTron earphone. Keeping in mind that sometimes earplugs get off from ears so they have also added ear support which comes in handy in many situations.

 Nu Republic Jaxx 3 Bluetooth Earphone

Nu Republic Jaxx 3 is a uniquely designed Bluetooth earphone that does not have neckband like the previous earphone. It has a simple wire as a neckband due to which the earphone is light. It is comfortable and because of symmetrical design, the earphone stays on the neck. The latest Bluetooth version 5.0 comes in the earphone which means the connectivity will be much better. The battery capacity is also good and lasts around 6-8hrs in a single charge. The Mic is available in the Bluetooth earphone but you can not rely on it because call quality is not good. Metal finish is given in the earplugs so that a plus point to look for. Coming to its sound quality which is the most important for any earphone, it has a good sound quality and clear sound. And 3 extra pairs of earbuds come with the Bluetooth earphone set under 1000. You can buy using the below Flipkart link.

 LEAF Sonic Bluetooth Earphone

The next we have on the list is LEAF Sonic Bluetooth earphone which comes under 1000 INR. It is an In the Ear design earphones and comes with behind the ear support set. The whole earphone only contains wire and that's why it is also light in weight which prevents from being uncomfortable. But the design is not balanced as it should be so you may face an issue like earphone weight is going to one side only. Talking about its sound quality then LEAF Sonic will leave you surprised. It has a really good sound quality and a crisp clear sound. If you like magnetic buds then, unfortunately, this earphone does not have magnetic feature. Battery backup on the earphone is also good and can last more than 6hr.

 ADL Footloose X4 Bluetooth Earphone

ADL footloose X4 Bluetooth earphone is another option that you can get under Rs.1000. The earphone has a lot of amazing features like water-resistant, the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and selfie function with button. The design is very much similar to LEAF Sonic and it is also light in weight. It has the same issue which is balancing, one side there are buttons for power, volume up, volume down but on the other side, they should have provided a similar structure for proper balance. But leaving this aside the sound quality is pretty good even the bass is quite surprising. Built-in Mic in the earphone does have Noise reduction technology which is going to help during calls. It is available for Rs.699 on Amazon.

 JAAP Bluetooth Earphone

JAAP Bluetooth earphone is among the top budget Bluetooth earphones. It has almost all the basic features that a Bluetooth earphone should have like Mic, Bluetooth v4.2, Hi-Fi sound and more. Other than common features the earphone is capable of connecting to multiple devices which usually not found in other earphones. It is also IPX7 waterproof protection and its battery lasts more than 7hrs which is quite good for earphones under 1000 INR. Ear support is also coming with earphones which prevent earplugs from falling. For better and clear sound the earphone has dynamic drivers and it won't let you down. We can't compare it to high priced Bluetooth earphones that will be unfair but for the budget the sound quality is good. It is available for Rs.999.

 Muze Capsule Bluetooth Earphone

Muze capsule is another good Bluetooth earphone which is priced 699 INR. It is an In-Ear designed lightweight earphones. The earphone is comfortable to use and provides an amazing experience. It has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 for the seamless connectivity of earphones to phones. Now coming to its sound quality which is surprisingly amazing for an earphone under 1000, thanks to the advance driver used in the earphone. Bass is also good, not much not less just the amount an audiophile will like. For water-resistant, the earphone comes with an IPX4 rating. The battery on the earphone is less which is only around 3-5hrs. There are also color options available for the earphone which are Black, Purple, and Orange. This deserves to be listed in the best Bluetooth earphones under Rs.1000.

WeCool D200 Bluetooth Earphone

WeCool D200 Bluetooth earphone is an awesome earphone for those who want an earphone to use during the workout. As its name, it looks cool with green and back color combinations. In the box, they also give round carry cases so that you can keep it without damaging the earphones. Extra set of earbuds are also available for users so that they can use the one that fits. Sound quality is superb while comparing to other earphones at this price range. It gives HD and crisp sound as output while the bass is also good. Around the ear support design help users to avoid falling of earphones. The buttons are placed on the right side of earplug and it is easy to use buttons. It is available for Rs.999 in only one color option.

 Three Dots Lifestyle Sports Bluetooth Earphone

Three Dots Lifestyle is one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000. It provides an immersive stereo sound for better music experience. Sound quality is clear and crisp while the bass is average. It has a curve neckband design and comfortable for users who like to use curve neckband. In-ear design is great and it looks attractive. For answering calls the earphone also has Mic which has noise cancellation to some limit. Battery backup of the earphone is around 5-7hrs in a single charge. For seamless connectivity, it has Bluetooth 5.0 technology which will increase the Bluetooth range and performance. The earphone is priced at 899 INR. Check out the images to check the design of earphones. This is the list of 10 best bluetooth earphones under 1000.