Ashutosh Singh

Asus Phones Scheduled for Android 14 Update

Jan 30, 2024

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It has already been a few months since the official release of Android 14 OS. But many users have not yet had a chance to experience the update.

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Most OEMs have already started rolling out the update, and Samsung is even close to completing the roll out.

Talking specifically about Asus phones, as of now the ZenFone 10 is the only phone to receive the Android 14 public update.

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Check out the list of Asus phones which are going to receive the Android 14 upgrades.

- ZenFone 10 (already received) - ZenFone 9

Asus ZenFone Series:

- ROG Phone 6 / 6 Pro - ROG Phone 6D / 6D Ultimate - ROG Phone 7 / 7 Ultimate

ROG Phones:

Asus is currently testing Android 14 on some of its phones. But there is no official information on stable build.

If you have an eligible Asus phone and want to get Android 14 early, you can join the Android 14 preview.

Remember that preview builds are like beta builds and may contain bugs.