Ashutosh Singh

Apple to use own Displays on its Watch and iPhone soon 

Jan 11, 2023

Apple Watch, iPhone and other products come with premium displays. This is one of the attractions of Apple products. 

IMG: Unsplash

But displays that Apple use on its products are from Samsung and LG. Samsung and LG are the best when it comes to displays. 

IMG: Unsplash

IMG: Unsplash

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple will soon start using its own microLED screen on its devices. 

The company will first bring its display to the Apple Watch Ultra in 2024 and expand its availability to iPhones later. 

Mark Gurman, via Bloomberg, also warned that the transition could extend to 2025 if Apple faces another set of hurdles. 

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Apple previously had a goal of switching to its own Micro-LED displays by 2020. But the target could not be met due to technical challenges. 

Apple has already transitioned from using Intel chips to its own silicon chips which are much faster and battery saver. 

It looks like Apple will soon have all its own components on its devices. But this may take a few years. 

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