Ashutosh Singh

Apple to bring Watch Ultra's Action Button to iPhone 15 Pro

March 30, 2023

iPhone 15 Pro leaks are now appearing at a rate more than ever. And it will increase further in the days to come.

There have been several rumors about changes in buttons on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro model.

iPhone 15 Pro to feature capacitive solid state volume and mute buttons. These buttons will be based on haptics.

IMG: 9to5Mac

And now a new leak, from the same source that leaked the dynamic island design of the iPhone 14 Pro last year, provides additional information to previous rumours.

IMG: 9to5Mac

On the iPhone 15 Pro, the multi action button will replace the mute switch. This means users will be able to assign actions to solid state buttons from a list of multiple actions.

Yes same as Apple Watch Ultra. Also, the leak suggests that the capacitive solid state buttons will work even when the phone is turned off or when the battery runs out.

IMG: Unsplash

This is due to the use of the new ultra-low energy microprocessor. Existing Super Low Energy Mode options like Apple Pay, Find My Phone will also work.

IMG: Unsplash

Yesterday Apple announced the date for the upcoming WWDC event. You can check about the event here.