Ashutosh Singh

Apple might launch iPhone 15 with 35W charging speed

August 18, 2023

Back to back leaks are coming about the upcoming iPhone 15 series. There is hardly any mystery about the device anymore.

IMG: 9to5Mac

Yesterday, we shared a story on iPhone 15 reportedly getting thunderbolt speed in some models. You can read about it here.

IMG: @lipilipsi

Now there's another leak related to the iPhone 15 Type-C port, which is believed to come with faster charging than last year.

IMG: Unsplash

As per the report from 9to5mac, some iPhone 15 models could get faster charging speed up to 35W.

IMG: ChargerLab

Current iPhone 14 lineup supports up to 27W faster charging speed (Pro models) and 20W (non pro models).

IMG: Unsplash

It is expected that iPhone 15 Pro models will get 35W charging. I will say Apple will not leave non-Pro models, they will also get some upgrade to charging speed.

IMG: Unsplash

As we know Apple don’t ship iPhones with Adapter, so yes you need to get a compatible charger.

IMG: Unsplash

Currently, Apple sells a 20W charger and a 35W Dual charger which also support iPhone and iPad.

IMG: Unsplash