Ashutosh Singh

Apple beats Samsung for the first time in global shipments

Jan 17, 2024

It's been two weeks since 2023 ended. This means that many stats for the last year will now be revealed.

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Talking about smartphone statistics for 2023, the shipment record is now available.

IDC shared a list of top 5 companies in terms of the global shipment in 2023.

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For the first time after 2010 Samsung is not in the first place. Apple takes the lead this time.

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According to the report, Apple shipped 234.6 million units, and Samsung shipped 226.6 million units.

The other three places are acquired by Xiaomi (145.9 million), Oppo (103.1 million), and Transsion (94.9 million).

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In terms of percentage, Apple holds 20.1%, Samsung (19.4%), Xiaomi (12.5), Oppo (8.8%), and Transsion (8.1%).

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Samsung - 262.2 mil Apple - 226.3 mil Xiaomi - 153.2 mil Oppo - 114.4 mil Transsion - 72.6 mil

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