Android Home Screen Setup - 4

If you are following YTECHB Stories, then you know that this is the Android home screen setup tutorial. 4. This is the second dark Android home screen setup that you would prefer to use on an AMOLED display phone. You will get this setup after following the steps. So, let's start the tutorial by diving into the next slide.

In the first step, you need to download this wallpaper along with Nova Launcher, KWGT, and FusiOn for KWGT widget.

Set the grid size to 6x7, we're using Nova Launcher for this tutorial, you can use any launcher you want.

Create a new 4x4 KWGT Widget on your home screen. Then, tap on FusiOn for KWGT and choose the last widget for its collection. Then resize it accordingly for your device.

Now you need to create another widget of size 4x4 from FusiOn KWGT. Choose the widget number 18 from FusiOn KWGT. You can also increase the size of each blocks that fit your phone resolution.

Thanks for Watching!