Haneet Singh

Android 15 Beta 2.2 addresses several known issues

June 4, 2024

Google continues to improve the Android 15 beta, addressing more bugs with the Beta 2.2 update released today.

The gradual beta is seeding with AP31.240426.023.B4 build number.

If you own the Pixel 6 series or newer Pixel device, then you can now upgrade your device to Android 15 beta 2.2.

This update addresses a bunch of issues including Private Space bugs that were removing home screen apps.

Other than that, it addresses wallet and NFC payment issues, app drawer not opening when swiping up, and green-tint issues  while playing 10-bit HDR videos.

Apart from all these issues, the update addresses various other issues that were impacting system stability, interactivity, and connectivity.

If you are on the second beta or beta 2.1, then you may have already received the new upgrade on your device.

If you're facing any of the known issues mentioned in this story, then you can install the upgrade right now.