Ashutosh Singh

Android 15 Beta 2.1 for Pixel fixes Private Share Issue

May 21, 2024

Google released the second public beta of Android 15 on the second day of the Google I/O event.

However there was an issue with one of the new features of Android 15, called Private Space.

And to fix the issue, Google has released an incremental update, Android 15 Beta 2.1.

The update mainly focuses on fixing the issue “creating a private space on a device for the first time removed app icons from the Home screen.”

This is a small incremental update and doesn’t include many changes.

However it’s an important update for those who already upgraded their Pixel device to the Android 15 Beta 2.

The update is available for Pixel 6 and newer Pixel devices. And you need to be on the beta program.

We are now very close to the Android 15 stable release which is expected to come in September or October.