Ashutosh Singh

Android 13 beta released, here's how to get it

Google has finally released the first Android 13 beta to the public. The first beta comes with some new features compared to the previous Android 13 DP2.

Video Courtesy: Google

As the Beta update is live, Android users can now experience it on their phones. Here you will know how to install Android 13 on any Android Phone.


Whenever we talk about Google releasing this update or that update it is always for Pixel phones as other phones are managed by other brands.

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Here is the same case. The Android 13 beta is live for Pixel 4 or newer phones. Luckily Google has also released GSI which we can install on any phone.

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IMG: Unsplash

On Pixel 4 or newer devices you can directly enroll for Android 13 beta to get OTA update. There are a few more methods to install Android 13 Beta. Check the linked guide.

For Pixel Phones

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If you have a Treble compatible phone you can install GSI to get Android 13 beta. Follow the linked guide to install GSI on your phone.

For Other Android Phones

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Since the installation methods are big, you have to follow the specific methods linked on both the page and enjoy the latest Android 13 beta.

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