Haneet Singh

A YouTuber tests Motorola Razr+ Durability

July 22, 2023

Smartphones are generally quite durable these days, except for foldable devices, which are still new and improving with each generation.

JerryRigsEverything channel is well known for conducting durability tests on various devices. Youtuber Zack, the face of the channel recently put Moto Razr+ into durability test.

Moto Razr+ is a recently launched flip phone which is also known as Razr 40 Ultra outside the US market.

The Moto Razr+ performs similar to other flip phones in some basic tests like scratch test, flame test, and sand test.

Then comes the best test. As you expect from a flip phone, the Moto Razr+ failed the bend test but in a different and uncommon way.

During the bend test, while the inner display managed to hold up, the outer display shattered under the pressure of a thumb.

The cover screen shattered at the exact point where the Youtuber had applied pressure during the bend test, leaving the cover display dead.

Cover Screen / Outer display is protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus which means, the screen should not have shattered in that way. But it did, so failed the test.