Ashutosh Singh

Sep 22, 2022

A Youtuber crash car to test iPhone 14 crash detection

Latest Apple Devices: iPhone 14 series, Apple Watch Ultra, Watch Series 8, and Watch SE have crash detection feature.

iPhone 14 uses its sensors and other components of the device to detect crashes. This is undoubtedly a useful feature.

IMG: TechRex (YouTube)

A popular YouTuber ‘TechRax’ has put the new iPhone feature to the test. And the results are what we all expected.

Video: TechRax (YouTube)

TechRax used an empty car with no one inside for the crash. From the video it looks like several attempts have been made to get it right.

Video: TechRax (YouTube)

As expected, the iPhone detected crash even in the minor crash, Although it takes some time to trigger.

Video: TechRax (YouTube)

Once a crash is detected, SOS will be enabled and after ten seconds it will notify the emergency contacts about the accident.

IMG: TechRax (YouTube)

Just to inform you, TechRax tested car crash detection in an empty ground. And I advise not to try this at home.

You can swipe up to watch the complete video of car crash test by TechRex.

IMG: Unsplash

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