Ashutosh Singh

Aug 24, 2022

8 Hidden Android 13 features you might not know about

IMG: Unsplash

After months of testing, Google finally released stable Android 13 for Pixel phones earlier this month.

Android 13 is a feature-rich upgrade. And there are some features that you may not notice at first glance. Check out the features you might not know about.

Google extends material you dynamic theming to third party app icons. It picks the color of wallpaper.

Third-Party Material You Icons

In Bedtime Mode, there are new options. Dim the Wallpaper option decreases the brightness of wallpaper.

Bedtime Wallpaper

Android 13 allows users to set different languages on different apps. You can follow this guide for details.

Per-app language

There are privacy improvements, including clipboard history. Any data in the clipboard will be deleted after 60 minutes.

Clipboard History Auto Delete

Now in Android 13, accessing an app for the first time will ask users whether they want to receive notifications or not.

Opt-in Notifications

QR Code Scanner is now available in Quick Settings. It comes in handy in many cases.

QR Code Scanner

There are apps that run on the background. And in Android 13, you can see the active apps from the notification panel.

See Background Active Apps

Android 13 can show data for last seven days in privacy dashboard as compared to one day on Android 12.

7 Day Privacy Dashboard

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