Ashutosh Singh

7 Intriguing features coming to Android Devices

June 2, 2023

As we enter the last month of the quarter, Google has announced new features for smartwatches, tablets, and smartphones.

This quarter's update includes a variety of new features that will soon be available to eligible devices and regions. Here's the list.

There are new aquatic-themed emojis that users can combine with other emojis to create fun new emojis. Its part of Emoji Kitchen.

Combine Emojis

Users in the US can run a scan on the Google One page to check if their Gmail address has been exposed on the dark web. It will soon be available in more than 20 countries.

Dark Web Report

Three new widgets are now available for phones and tablets. The widgets are for Google TV, Google Finance, and Google News apps.

New Widgets

Readers can enhance their vocabulary and comprehension skills on phones and tablets by reading eBooks marked with "Practice" on Google Play Books.

Reading Practice

New features are also being introduced to Wear OS watches. Wear OS users can now enjoy new Tiles and Watchface shortcuts from Spotify for Wear OS.

New Spotify Tile

Commuters in Washington, D.C. and the San Francisco Bay Area can now import their SmarTrip and Clipper cards to Google Wallet for easily Tap and Ride.

Import Cards to Google Wallet

Users will soon be able to create a new tile for Google Keep Notes on their watches, making it easier to view pinned notes and to-do lists.

Easily Find Pinned Note

Some features that are already being rolled out are also part of this month's update: Nearby Share Beta for Windows, Setup Matter-enabled devices quickly, and Add Shorts to Playlist