Ashutosh Singh

5 New iOS 17.4 Features Limited to EU

March 14, 2024

Apple released the iOS 17.4 update for iPhones early this month.

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This is quite a big update but only for users in the EU.

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Apple made a load of changes in iOS 17.4 to comply with EU regulations. Here are features limited to EU.

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Developers can now create App Store alternatives. This means users can now install apps through third party stores once they are available.

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Third-party App Stores

Developers no longer have to use the WebKit as the browser engine for their browsers. They can use their own engines.

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Custom Browser Engine Support

Opening the Safari browser for the first time will prompt option to choose default browser.

Choose Default Browser

Users in EU can now use alternative payment methods for in-app purchases.

Alternate Payment Methods

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Users can make contactless payments without using Apple Pay or Wallet app.

Contactless Payment Changes

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Developers will be able to distribute their apps directly from their websites if their account meet certain requirements.

Upcoming EU Exclusive

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