watchOS 7 release date, features, leaks, beta (update), and compatibility

If you’re an enthusiastic person and want to stay updated with the information about the newer updates. Then, you might like to search for the features of the upcoming watchOS, which is called watchOS 7. Apple has already pushed a slew number of watchOS 6.2.x beta builds that brings improvements to the Apple Watch. Now, the company is ready to bring its newer OS, which brings a flurry of cool new features to the Apple Watch. In this article, you will know all details of the upcoming watchOS 7.

When will be watchOS 7 Update available?

watchOS 7 Release Date

Apple is all set to flaunt its newer OS at its annual WWDC event, including iOS 14 and watchOS 7. And this time the event will kick off on June 22 and the best thing is that it will be free for all developers. However, the stable release of watchOS 7 is expected to be available for supported devices from September.

Usually, the beta builds become available after the WWDC event. Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, there are some chances that Apple may not be able to push the beta build on time. There are some speculations that the newer OS will not be available for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.

The newer OS will be compatible with the below-mentioned devices:

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • And obviously for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6

What’s new in watchOS 7 – watchOS 7 features

In terms of changes, the upcoming watchOS 7 is all set to bang the watchOS 7 supported devices with a flurry of new useful features. Below, you can check the complete list of features along with an overview. Let’s begin this list with one of the most anticipated features. Yes, I am talking about the Blood oxygen level detection feature.

Blood oxygen level detection

As the name suggests, this feature allow users to detect the blood oxygen levels directly from your Apple Watch. Not only this but in the case of a high blood oxygen level, you’ll also get the updates on your iPhone. Though, Apple is not the only OEM that works to bring blood oxygen level detection features to Apple Watch. But the well-known competitor of Apple Watch, Fitbit already launch a range of fitness bands with a blood oxygen level detection feature.

Control Center Toggles

The upcoming watchOS 7 will come with the Apple Watch Control Center with a new toggle. According to 9to5Mac, the leaked iOS 14 (code) suggested that the Control Center of watchOS 7 brings new sleep mode toggle and Noise detection toggle. Yes, you can now enable the sleep mode on your Apple Watch during bedtime.

International Apple Watch Faces

watchOS 7 International Watch Face
IMG Source: 9to5Google

The newer watchOS 7 is all set to bring a bunch of visual changes to the Apple Watch. And according to 9to5Mac, the upcoming watchOS comes with International Watch Faces, which means that you can now pick your favorite country’s flag as a Watch Face.

Photos Watch Face

watchOS 7 Watch Face Gallery
IMG Source: Apple

The Photos Watch Face feature allows you to choose custom images from your album and set it as Watch Face. Not only this, but the leaked iOS 14 code also hints that you can also select an album from which you can pick custom images. You can even use a shared family album which changes the Watch Faces automatically when someone adds a new photo in the album.

Share Watch Faces

If you’re the one who wants to share your favorite Apple Watch face with your friends or family, then here’s good news for you. Yes, there are some speculations that the newer OS will come with a feature that allows you to share your favorite Watch Face with your friends.

Parental Control and School Time

Apple is working to bring more sophisticated Parental Control for Apple Watch. According to the leaks, the watchOS 7 now allow parents to manage an Apple Watch for the child without requiring a second iPhone. This feature also has the ability to manage music and trusted contacts. Talking about school time, this is yet another parental control feature in which parents can manage apps and activities that can be used during study time.

Tachymeter (Infograph Pro)

watchOS 7 Tachymeter

Infograph Pro is yet another Watch Face that will come with the watchOS 7. There are already two Infograph faces available in the Apple Watch. The new Infograph Pro Apple Watch Face likely to come with a tachymeter. In simple words, we can say that Apple will bring analogue features to the digital Apple Watch. While the main use of this feature is to measure speed and distance based on travel time.

Sleeping Tracker

Sleeping Tracker is a builtin sleep tracking feature which will be available on your Apple Watch with the release of watchOS 7. There’s a conjecture that Apple Watch will get a new Sleep app with a builtin sleep tracking feature (dubbed as Time in Bed tracking). You can set goals and personalized in the Health App on the iPhone.

watchOS 7 beta update

The first beta build will most likely to be available after the WWDC event. The watchOS 7 will likely to come with a bunch of improvements to the system and improved Fitness app. All the aforementioned features are speculated or leaked by various different sources.

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