How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a software for Remote desktop from Google. It allows a user to access files and application from a Mobile and Computer to another Computer. Chrome Remote Desktop is not the only software available for Remote Access. But Chrome Remote Desktop is reliable and also provides more features than others. Other than sharing you can also control your computer with your Phones. Using Chrome Remote Desktop is easy, but sometimes it didn’t connect properly. So here you get to know How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop works with Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iOS devices. It is also one the best TeamViewer Alternatives for Remote Desktop. It works with the Browser, so you need to have Browser with Chrome Remote Desktop App on a computer.


  • Two Computers or Devices
  • Chrome Remote Desktop App for both Computer or Devices

What You Can Do:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Transfer Files
  • Control a Computer with other Device
  • Access your computer from anywhere

How to Install Chrome Remote Desktop:

  • Open Chrome Browser on your Computer
  • Go to and search for Chrome Remote Desktop
  • You will find it Under Apps category
  • Now click on Add to Chrome and then a pop up will appear on screen, click on Add App.
  • The Download will start, and then the App will be added to the Browser.
  • You can open Chrome Remote Desktop from chrome://apps
  • When you open the App, it will ask you to sign in with a Gmail account. Sign in with the account that you want.
  • Done!

How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop:

1. Remote Assistant

In Remote Assistant, you can share your Screen with another Computer. It means that in another computer you can track all the activities that are going on your computer. This feature can not be used when the second device is a Mobile Phone.

  • Tap on Get Started under Remote Assistant to start the procedure.
  • Now you will get two option Share and Access. If you want to share Screen with other users, then click share or if you want to access other user computer screen then click on Access.
  • If you choose to share then an access code will be generated. Fill the Code on the computer on which you want to Access. Or if you choose to Access then fill the access code on your computer which is generated on other Computer.
  • A notification will appear on the Computer which is being shared with the email from which the devices is accessing.
  • Now on the computer screen will be shared to the Computer with Access control.

2. Access your own Computer

In this section, you can access your computer from anywhere with your other computer or Mobile Phone.

  • Under My Computer click Get Started 
  • Then Enable remote Connections. It will ask you to download Host installer, click on Accept and Install.
  • The Download will start and after download install it.
  • Again go to Chrome Desktop Tab, Now you need to set up a PIN that is used by another device to access the Computer.
  • It will take a few seconds to enable the connection.
  • You can see all the computer name under My Computer through which you can access using code.

Access using Mobile

  • Install Chrome Desktop Setup on your Android or iOS device.
  • Sign in with the same account that you used on Computer.
  • You will see the Computer name on which you have enabled Remote Connections with the same account.
  • Now click on the Computer Name that you want to access and listed on your Phone.
  • Then Enter the PIN to access the computer.
  • Now the Computer Screen will appear on your phone Screen.
  • Now you can control your computer with Mobile Phone.
  • Click Disconnect or Stop sharing to Disconnect. 

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