How to Uninstall or Disable Peel Remote App on Samsung and other Android device

Peel Remote App comes preloaded on many Android Smartphones that have IR blaster. But due to frustrating ads and lock screen overlay users want to uninstall the App. Uninstalling the Peel Remote App is not available in Samsung and other Android phones unless you have root access, but you can disable the App. Here we are going to share how to uninstall or disable Peel Remote App from Samsung and other Android phones.

uninstall peel remote app

The main issue with the Peel Remote App is that it shows a lot of Ads including the full-screen Ads and Lock screen overlay. Due to the frustrating ads, the Apps seems to be of no use. While using the App many users hit the Ads by mistake which forcibly opens another App like browser or Play Store. Lock Screen is also not tolerable because of the bloated screen. And there is no way to remove Ads unless you want to pay for Ad-free app. So if you want to disable or uninstall Peel Remote from Android phone then this guide will help you.

What is Peel Remote?

Peel Remote is an Android App which comes preloaded on many Android Smartphones. The App is used to control multiple compatible devices such as TV, set-up box, DVD player, Home theatre and Audio system. Along with its multiple uses, it also causes many frustrating situations such as full-screen ads and lock screen overlay. The App is also called Peel Smart Remote and it is available on Play Store.

If you have a rooted phone then you can uninstall Peel Remote App, but if not then you can disable Peel Remote. Disabling the Peel Smart Remote will restrict it from running on the background. It means you will not see lock screen overlay after disabling the Peel remote app and also the app will be removed from the App Drawer. So let’s see how to disable Peel Remote App.

How to Disable Peel Remote App (No Root)

  1. Open Settings App on your phone.
  2. In Settings, look for the Application Manager section and open it.
  3. Scroll down and search for Peel Remote App.
  4. Open Peel Remote App info by selecting the App.
  5. In the App info screen, click on Disable. 

    uninstall peel remote app
  6. It will ask for confirmation, so click on Disable again. Or click OK if it reverts to the factory version.

    uninstall peel remote app
  7. The previous step will disable Peel Remote App on your Samsung or other Android phones.

So this way you can disable Peel Remote app which will remove the app from App Drawer and it also clear the space reserved for the App. If you have a Rooted phone then you are eligible to uninstall the App. Check out the below guide to know how to uninstall the Peel Remote App and restrict lock screen overlay.

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How to Uninstall Peel Remote App (Root)

  1. Make sure that your phone is rooted.
  2. Open Play Store on your phone and search Titanium Backup.
  3. Install Titanium Backup on your phone.
  4. From App Drawer open Titanium Backup App, it will ask for Root access so grant the permission by clicking on Yes. uninstall peel remote app
  5. In Titanium Backup, Click on Backup/Restore. 
  6. Scroll down and look for Peel Remote App and select it.
  7. On selecting, a popup will appear with various options. Click on Un-install (you can also take backup from options before uninstalling the App).
  8. A warning message will appear on uninstalling, click on Yes.
  9. It will now uninstall Peel Remote App from Samsung or other Android phones.

So this way you can uninstall the App from your phone to get rid of annoying Ads and Lock screen overlay.

Peel Remote Alternatives

Here are some Remote Apps to control TVs and other electronic devices. You can select any one App from the list based on your need.

SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote (Free)

It is one of the best free universal Remote App for Android phones that comes with IR blaster. The App supports almost all TVs along with projectors, air conditioners, and other devices. It also supports voice commands and casting on Smart TVs.


Smart IR Remote – AnyMote (Paid)

It is one of the best Universal Remote App to control TVs, Air conditioners, DSLR cameras, and other electronic devices that have IR blaster. The App supports about 900,000 electronic devices.


Universal TV Remote (Free)

It is a free universal TV remote which supports Samsung TVs, Sharp TVs, Philips TVs, Sony TVs, LG TVs, Mitsubishi TVs, and AT&T U-Verse cable. The app offers a simple interface and easy to use. Just select which TV you are using and you are all set to use your phone as Remote.


Quick Remote for Alexa & Roku (Free)

A great free Remote App for Alexa and Roku TV users. It supports voice commands without any problem. The feature offered by the App is good if we look at other free Remote Apps.


So there you have it the complete guide on how to Uninstall/Disable Peel Remote on Samsung and other Android phones. I hope you like the guide and make sure to leave a comment if you are unable to disable or uninstall the Peel Smart Remote App.

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