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How to Install TWRP on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE & Unlock Bootloader

Do you want to flash custom ROMs, Kernels and other zip files on your phone? If yes then need TWRP recovery on your phone. Here I will explain how to Install TWRP on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and also how to unlock bootloader.

install twrp on mi 9 se

Xiaomi is one of the Flagship providers at a budget price and Mi 9 SE is one of its flagship phones. Also, Xiaomi allows users to get into development and testing field without worrying about the warranty. This is why the Xiaomi phones get too much attention from developers, which results in the early availability of TWRP Recovery and custom ROMs. The unofficial TWRP Recovery for Mi 9 SE is now available to download. And if you want to install TWRP on Mi 9 SE then this guide is for you.

How to Install TWRP on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE


If you are new to this field then you should know that before trying any type of modification, we need to first unlock the bootloader on the phone. So you have to first follow the Unlock Bootloader method if it is locked. Unlocking Bootloader will take time from 1hr to 360hrs depends on your luck. After unlocking bootloader you can root your phone or install/flash any ROM, Recovery, and kernels.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Mi 9 SE

Unlock Bootloader takes a lot of time depending on your luck so you have to wait till then. But following the below procedure will definitely save you from waiting for a long time. Follow the given step by step procedure to unlock bootloader without waiting much.


  • Unlocking bootloader will erase all the data so take a backup first
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • Download & Extract Mi Unlock Tool on your PC

Steps to Unlock Bootloader

  1. Enable Mobile Network from the same number that is linked with your Mi account. If you don’t have a Mi Account then Register an account using the Mobile Number, not email (for less waiting time).
  2. Go to Settings > Mi Account and add Mi Account using the same Mobile number.
  3. After Sign in click on Mi Cloud (Inside Mi Account) and make sure that Contacts, Gallery, SMS, & Call history sync is ON. Also enable Nots, WiFi, Calendar, and Browser.
  4. In Mi Cloud enable Find Device. Also, sync everything by clicking on Sync On.
  5. Open Settings and go to My Device > All Specs. Continuously tap on MIUI Version about 7-8 time until it gives “You are now a developer”.
  6. Go back to Settings and then go to Additional Settings > Developer Options.
  7. In developer options, first enable OEM Unlocking and then select Mi Unlock Status and tap on “Add Account & Device”.
  8. Visit Mi Cloud page and log in with the same number that you used to login on the device. Remove all other phones that are linked to that account except the Mi 9 SE. Then click on Find Device and it will show your current location (If it does not show current location then try to sync again). mi 9 se unlock bootloader
  9. Open Mi Unlock Tool folder run miflash_unlock.exe and click on Agree. mi 9 se unlock bootloader
  10. Now sign in with the Mobile Number which you used to login on your phone.
  11. Turn off your phone. Then Press & Hold Power + Volume Down button together to boot into fastboot mode. mi 9 se unlock bootloader
  12. Once booted in fastboot, connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.
  13. After connecting the phone click on Unlock > Unlock Anyway. mi 9 se unlock bootloader
  14. It will start the process. If your device and account are new then it will stop at 99% and then you have to wait for the time that the unlock tool will show. You can also try it after 2-3 days.
  15. After unlocking the device successfully click on Reboot Device, your device will reboot and erase all the data.
  16. Now the bootloader is unlocked on your Mi 9 SE. Setup your phone after reboot and enjoy.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Mi 9 SE

Once you have unlocked the bootloader you are all set to install TWRP on Mi 9 SE. Remember this is an early unofficial build and so some feature may not work properly.


Steps to Install TWRP on Mi 9 SE

  1. Extract the downloaded TWRP zip file. Copy the TWRP image file (recovery-TWRP-3.2.3-0401-XIAOMI9SE-CN-wzsx150.img) and paste it in Platform tools folder. install twrp on mi 9 se
  2. Rename the twrp image file (from recovery-TWRP-3.2.3-0401-XIAOMI9SE-CN-wzsx150.img to twrp.img). install twrp on mi 9 se
  3. Completely turn off your device. Then press & hold Power + Volume down button together to boot into fastboot mode.
  4. Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.
  5. In platform tools, press shift + Right click together and select “Open Command window here” or “Open PowerShell window here”. install twrp on mi 9 se
  6. Enter the following command to flash TWRP recovery on Mi 9 SE
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      fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  7. After flashing TWRP reboot into TWRP recovery using the command
    • fastboot reboot recovery
    • Or just use the shortcut buttons (press & hold Power + Volume Up button together)
  8. If the language in TWRP Recovery is in Chinese and want to switch to English then follow step 9 to 11. If you are comfortable with Chinese then go to Reboot > System.
  9. First select “keep system read only” (image credit: q792602257). install twrp on mi 9 se
  10. In TWRP home, go to Settings > Global icon.
  11. Select English and tap on select language button. install twrp on mi 9 se
  12. In TWRP home go to Reboot > Recovery. After booting into recovery now go to Reboot > System.
  13. Done! you have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.

So there you have it the full guide to install TWRP on MI 9 SE. Now you can flash Xiaomi.eu ROM and also Root the phone with Magisk. But you have to use OTG because of encryption. If you are facing any problem on unlocking bootloader and flashing TWRP Recovery then comment down below with error and we will reply with the solution.

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