Tribeca Games Spotlight 2023: 7 Featured Games From The Showcase

While we saw a good number of games being announced at the Summer Game Fest showcase held on the 8th of June, we now get to see a good number of indie games revealed at the Tribeca Games Spotlight. This is a showcase for those who love indie games, visual novels, and slow-paced relaxing games.

The Tribeca Games Festival was a short and sweet showcase of games that will be released soon. This year, we got to see a total of 7 games. If you love indie games, you’ve come to the right place.

Games announced at Tribeca Games Spotlight 2023

Now, let’s take a look at the games that have been featured at the Tribeca Games Spotlight 2023. There are 7 of them featured this year, so do check them out.

1. A Highland Song

Taking place in the Scottish Highlands, A Highland Song is a lovely platformer game. You play as Moira who has to cross through the wilderness. You have simple and easy navigation options and an interesting narrative. Your job is to help Moira run away from her house. The game has a nice soundtrack as well as high replayability.

  • Developer: Inkle Ltd
  • Release Date: To be announced
  • Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch

2. Goodbye Volcano High

Here is another great game for you to watch out for this year. This is a nice single-player game that has a cinematic narrative on topics such as love, change, and the end of an era. In Goodbye Volcano High the characters are all hand drawn and even completely voiced out by Lachian Watson. The game lets you choose how you want to be and the choices you make decide your final form. Definitely, a must-play if you love such types of games.

  • Developer: KO_OP
  • Release Date: 29th August 2023
  • Platforms: Steam, PS4, PS5

3. Chants Of Sennaar

Chants of Sennaar is an action-adventure puzzle game where you play the role of a traveler. Your job is to observe, listen and decipher ancient languages. You will also have to get people to speak to each other. Chants of Sennar has a pleasing art style that will automatically make you feel relaxed and help you enjoy the game even more.

  • Developer: Rundisc
  • Release Date: 5th September 2023
  • Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

4. NightScape

NightScape is a cooperative board game that can be played with 4 players. Now, just because it’s a board game doesn’t mean it’s boring. NightScape has an interesting story. A huge coma is affecting people all over the world and it also can be seen carrying a disease. Time is running out and so are the number of victims of this disease. This is when the game’s protagonists meet and hope to remove this crazy disease that is seen as harming everyone. The board game has two different tiles- enemies and allies. Once the player flips the hidden tiles, that is when the effects begin to take place.

  • Developer: Matou Studio
  • Release Date: Q2 2023
  • Platform: Steam

5. Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Here is an interesting role-playing music game for you to enjoy. You play as Grace, who has the power of music and needs to find out the truth and secrets behind the death of her predecessor. Along this musical journey, you will discover the answers,  and eventually find love. The game flows along with Greek Mythology that incorporates beautiful music and stunning visuals.

  • Developer: Summerfall Studios
  • Release Date: 3rd August 2023
  • Platform: Steam

6. The Expanse: A Telltale Series

You play the role of Captain Drummer aboard the mighty Artemis While you not only manage the ship, you also have a whole crew to take care of. The choices you make decide the fate of the crew on your ship. In this game, you get to explore shipwrecks and also interact with different objects in the world. The game has a lot of exploring for you to do. There will be a total of 5 episodes for you to play through.

  • Developer: Deck Nine
  • Release Date: 27th July 2023
  • Platforms: Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

7. Despelote

Despelote is a comic book-styled game that revolves around football in 2001 in Ecuador. yOu will easily get immersed in the streets and parks of Ecuador where you will find people of all ages playing and enjoying football. You play as a young either year-old Julian. This is a great storytelling game about football and how the country proceeded to qualify for the world cup.

  • Developer: Julián Cordero, Sebastian Valbuena
  • Release Date 2024 Expected
  • Platforms: Steam, PlS5, Xbox Series X|S

These are the best indie games that have been showcased at the Tribeca Games Spotlight showcase in 2023. Indie games are a great way to move away from the fast-paced high-octane action that you usually see in triple-A titles. From these featured games, which pens have got you hooked for the release? Let us know them in the comments section below.


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