Google announces 6 new features for Android Devices at CES!

CES is a tech festival that captivates tech enthusiasts every year during the first quarter. In CES 2024, we witnessed numerous intriguing announcements, from Sony showcasing cars driven by a PS5 controller to Google unveiling a plethora of new features for Android and ChromeOS devices.

The CES event provides a glimpse into the direction technology will take throughout the year. This year promises to be an exciting one, marked by a plethora of new technologies centered around AI.

If you own an Android ecosystem, you will want to know about everything Google announced at the CES 2024. The list of announcements is extensive, and here, you’ll discover all the new features and announcements set to arrive on Android and ChromeOS devices throughout the year.

Let’s start with the Quick Share.

In-built Quick Share for Devices

Yes, it’s similar to Quick Share on Galaxy devices. Google and Samsung collaborated to enhance the file-sharing experience between Android-based devices. The decision to adopt the Quick Share name might be due to Samsung’s significant user base and it will make things easy.

Google CES 2024 Features

It is going to be a built-in feature on Android and ChromeOS devices for peer-to-peer content sharing. Google is also working with LG and other companies to add Quick Share as pre-installed apps on Windows PCs.

Just tapping on the Quick Share will show the list of available device close by. Users will have full control whether they want their device to be visible to everyone, contacts only or no one. The feature will be available starting February to Nearby enabled devices. The Quick Share icon is a bit different than the current Samsung’s Quick Share icon.

Fast Pair Support Expanding to Google TVs

Fast Pair is the feature that allow users to quickly pair new bluetooth accessories like headphones to Phones and Chromebook. For example, as soon as you open the lid of your Pixel buds, your Pixel phone will detect it immediately along with the option to pair it.

Google CES 2024 Features

The feature is now coming to Chromecast with Google TV in February and to more Google TVs later this year. It will let you connect headphones and speakers with just one tap.

Cast TikTok Videos

Google also brings support for casting TikTok videos from phone to Chromecast enabled TVs. And the support for Live TikTok videos coming later this year.

Google CES 2024 Features

Google also shared that more TVs will come with Chromecast built-in including devices under LG Hospitality and Healthcare.

Cast What’s Playing

Another new cast feature is that you will be able to easily cast What’s playing on Spotify and YouTube Music from your eligible Pixel phones to docked Pixel Tablet nearby. This way you can easily enjoy Music and Podcast to a speaker without manually connecting it to a speaker when you’re home.

Google CES 2024 Features

TVs as Google Home Hubs

In the future, LG TVs and select Google and Android TVs will act as hubs for Google Home. This will allow users to connect smart home devices to home network and control them from Google Home app.

Google CES 2024 Features

Android Auto Upgrades

Google also announced some upgrades for Android Auto coming later this year. Android Auto can now share real time battery information of your electric vehicle with Google Maps. This feature will be first available to Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning in the coming months.

Google CES 2024 Features

The feature will allow users to track details like charging stops, and even the time it will take to charge in the stop.

There are also improvements in the apps available for Android Auto to make rides easier and distraction free.

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