How to Take RAW Photos on Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Don’t want to lose any detail on photos taken with your Google Pixel 7? Here’s a useful guide that will help you capture lossless photos from your Pixel. Check out how to take RAW photos on Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Pixel phones are known for their top notch camera performance. And with each new Pixel release, the series keeps getting better in every area, especially in the camera department. More than the hardware, the credit goes to the software which processes the camera images for the best output.

The default Google Camera app on Pixel phones has a number of features. But generally, users use only some of its features. This is because even the default camera settings provide good output and hence users do not feel like changing anything.

One of the popular camera features on the Pixel, in fact on most phones, is the ability to take RAW photos. On Android phones, you will get the option of two formats to save the pictures taken with the camera of the phone. And JPEG is the default format on most phones. The same case applies to the Google Pixel 7.

JPEG format is common and you already know about it. Images saved in JPEG are smaller and not of full quality. The output quality is still good but it does take out some of the details. Whereas RAW photos keep all the details and are perfect for editing. But RAW photos are quite large and take up more space, which is why JPEGs are set by default.

Now that you know about both formats, JPEG is recommended in most cases. But there are times when you want a natural photo that you can edit to your liking, then using the RAW format makes perfect sense. And here you will learn how to switch between JPEG and RAW or vice versa.

How to take RAW Pictures on Pixel 7 Series

If you have a Pixel 7 series phone or other Pixel phones, you can easily select the RAW format whenever you want. Google Pixel phones have an option for JPEG+RAW photos. Selecting this format will save two photos, one in RAW format and the other in JPEG format. It is similar to Samsung Galaxy phones. Here’s how to enable RAW format on Google Pixel phones.

  1. Open the Camera app on your Pixel 7 phone.
  2. Make sure the Camera section is selected, and then tap the down arrow available on the top.
  3. You will find some quick camera settings and other options. Select More settings.
    How to Take RAW Photos on Google Pixel 7 Pro
  4. This will open all Camera Settings.
  5. Look for the Advanced option under general and open it.
    How to Take RAW Photos on Google Pixel 7 Pro
  6. Now enable the RAW + JPEG control toggle. This toggle will add the RAW option in Quick settings.
    How to Take RAW Photos on Google Pixel 7 Pro
  7. Go back to the Camera app and tap the down arrow once again to open Viewer/Quick settings.
  8. This time you will get one more option for RAW + JPEG.
    How to Take RAW Photos on Google Pixel 7 Pro
  9. When you want to capture RAW photos, just select the RAW icon. And select the other icon when you don’t want to use RAW.

So this is how to easily change between JPEG and RAW format in Google Pixel’s camera.

When you take a RAW photo, it is saved in a separate folder called RAW. And as you know it takes up a lot of space, avoid backing up the RAW folder if you have limited data or limited cloud space.

Now you can transfer your RAW photos to edit them from your choice of tool. RAW photos are like DNG images taken with a dedicated camera.

Do you often capture images in RAW format or only in certain cases such as during a holiday or events?

I hope you found the guide useful, and if you do share it with your friends who use Pixel phones. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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  1. The Pixel 7 has been a nightmare. I have had to go 5 times to a tech to figure out how to transfer photos to my laptop. I must write down exactly the steps to follow when I go back today for the 6th time. I never had such a problem with the 5-7 other regular Samsung cell phones. I would not recommend the phone to anyone, especially over 20 years old. I would be charged $40.00 to transfer back to my old Moto phone.
    Regrets–and the phones are just so-so.


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