Microsoft Surface Duo gets unofficial support for Windows 10x

A Surface Duo running Windows 10x was spotted online. And the demo shows the smooth functioning of Windows 10x.

Developers never fail to amaze users by bringing something interesting and useful even if it is not easily possible. We’ve seen a lot of interesting works in the past ten years such as old devices running the latest Android, Android phones running Windows 10, and so on.

A developer has ported Windows 10x to run on the Surface Duo. This means that Surface Duo users can now access Windows 10x features after installing its port build.

Microsft introduced Windows 10x in October 2019 but never officially launched. After delaying Windows 10x Microsoft decided to cancel Windows 10X saying its features will be added in the upcoming Windows version which was Windows 11.

Thanks to developer Simizfo who worked on the WOA project to bring the canceled Windows 10x on Surface Duo which was released in 2020. The developer also shared a video in a tweet which is all about how smooth Windows 10x is on a mobile platform.

Windows 10x was originally introduced for dual screen devices and PCs. Yes, it was also going to be a product for mobile form factors such as Surface Duo. This might be the reason why the unofficial port on Surface Duo works so smoothly. Yes, most credit goes to the developer as well.

The developer captured the working Windows 10x on Surface Duo in a video shared on Twitter. Here is the Tweet link containing the demo video.

Now talking more about the project, this is the very first build and has some bugs which will be addressed in upcoming releases. After installing the first unofficial Windows 10x you will end up with two different partitions of equal sizes (64GB and 64GB or 128GB or 128GB). One partition will be the default Android and the other one will be Windows 10x.

As of now it doesn’t support SIM and can’t make calls, and dual screen functionality not working. But the developer has hinted that support for these missing functionalities is coming in the next release.

The Windows 10x on Surface Duo is great, no doubt, but the installation process is not that simple. For a general user, it is quite difficult, but if you have used custom recovery and custom ROMs, you will find the guide easy. The developer has shared the complete guide on the GitHub page that you can follow by heading to this page. But make sure to follow the process right as the wrong process could lead to bricking your Surface Duo.

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