Stray Blade Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements, and more

Action-Adventure games are fun to play considering they keep you hooked to the game for hours and hours. At the Gamescom 2021 online event, we got to see a ton of new games that were announced and would be coming soon to consoles and PCs. With that being said, we got to see a glimpse of a new game title Stray Blade. This is an Action-Adventure RPG game that is set to stand out and be different from the other games that have been out there. Let’s take a look at Stray Blade Release Date, trailer, gameplay, system requirements, and more.

Stray Blade will infuse a bit of Metroidvania playstyles and will also have combat elements. It is good to see a lot of games in this genre are available to players and thus giving them an option to choose from. Of course, you have games similar to Stray Blade such as Death’s Door, Monster Hunter: World, Dark Souls, Mortal Shell, etc. While the other games are interesting enough to play and have a huge fan base, read along to know what makes Stray Blade a unique game by the time it officially releases.

Stray Blade Release Date

While we did get to see a really short glimpse of the game at Gamescom 2019, this year’s Gamescom showed us a lot of things about the Stray Blade game. Stray Blade is announced on the 25th of August and it is set to be released in 2022. However, there is no particular fixed Stray Blade release date or during which part of 2022 we can expect the game to be out.

Stray Blade Release Date

Stray Blade Developer and Publisher

The game is being developed by Point Blank Games, the same devs for Shock Tactics- a game that didn’t go well with players. 505 Games is the publisher for Stray Blade who has also published a ton of other games such as Asseto Corsa Competizione, Death Stranding, Control, and others.

Stray Blade Trailer

The Stray Blade trailer that we got to see shows off characters fighting with one and other using various kinds of melee weapons. This suggests that there will be a lot of melee combats taking place in-game. We also get to see the character inventory on the level upgrades screen. While the footage might be great, one has to know that these are all pre-alpha build footage. We do hope to see a proper trailer for the Stray Blade game come out soon.

Stray Blade Trailer

Stray Blade Gameplay

The Stray Blade game takes place in the Valley of Acrea. You and your companion, a Xinnon wolf Boji go around on adventures and explore the valley. As a team, you will have to show off the history of the place as well as gain powers to be able to restore the valley’s balance. The game lets you fight off various enemies using melee weapons and also lets you explore the forgotten regions that have thrones and different cities for you to uncover.

Stray Blade Gameplay

Based on actions that you take, they turn into challenges for you. Also, time keeps ticking, meaning that even if you die, the world keeps going ahead and changes. So, a missed opportunity is a missed one right away. Your character progresses based on the number of battles you’ve fought and won while your wolf companion progresses based on his craftsmanship and his ability to find ancient pieces. While this is all we know, we still await more details such as its gameplay footage as well as the official trailer for the game.

Stray Blade Gameplay

Stray Blade Platform Availability

At the end of the announcement trailer, we get to see that the game will be available on the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. It would be interesting to see the game on cloud gaming services since these services are slowly starting to rise.

Stray Blade System Requirements

While we know that the consoles will be able to run the game at 4K 120 FPS, it will be interesting to see how it will perform on PC. Of course, the game will run smoothly on PC no doubt, but the system requirements minimum and recommended ones are not mentioned yet. Though we could expect that the game would run fine on a mid-range CPU from 2017 along with 8GB of RAM paired with a 4GB GPU from 2017 or 2018. Once we get the official trailer and gameplay, we can then assume the system requirements that will be needed to run the game perfectly.

Stray Blade Pre-orders

Well, it’s too early for the devs to let the game be available for pre-order. However, what you can do is Wishlist the game on Steam as well as the Epic Games Store. We could see the game going out for pre-order as well as early access availability in the coming days or whenever we get the official trailer and gameplay footage.


While Stary Blade’s early impressions seem to be looking good, we will still have to wait for more time for more information about the Stray Blade release date, trailers, and other things such as character customization since it’s an RPG game, and RPG lovers need that customization stuff. Also, it is too early to judge the game based on whatever is currently revealed. So far, the Steam store page says that this will be a single-player game with controller support, I’d like to see an online multiplayer mode as the game environment looks quite promising. As and when we get information about the game, we will update this article.

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