How to Speed up your Slow Running PC

If your PC is running slow you can easily optimize it with few steps. This problem may occur due to some software issues, low memory, lots of bloatware etc. Sometimes slow running pc makes us sick with the slow performance. You are reading How to Speed up your Slow Running PC. Methods listed below will work for all windows OS.

How to Speed up your Slow Running PC:

1) Disable unwanted Startup Application

When you start your PC some of the Application and software automatically starts. This may lead to the problem of slow running PC.

  • Open Task manager and from the Startup option Disable all the unwanted Software that you don’t use.

2) Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup should be done regularly to delete or remove the temporary files. It includes temporary internet files, unwanted files, thumbnails, recycle bin etc.

  • Open the Windows Disc Property ( where windows is installed eg- Local Disc C)
  • Then click on Disk Cleanup it will ask your permission to delete various files.
  • Select all the unwanted files and click OK.

3) Battery performance optimization

By default in Power option, the Balanced plan is activated. This plan provides better battery life but decreases performance.

  • Open control panel and go to Power Option then select High-Performance Plan.

This will decreases the battery performance.

4) Optimize Drive

This is also an important part to increase the speed of the computer. When you optimize drives it will help to run computer more efficiently.

  • Search for optimizing disk and open it.
  • Select a disk and click on Optimize. You can also set for automatically optimization duration.

5) Uninstall Unwanted Software

Having lot of software can create lag while accessing anything. If there is any Software in your PC which is never used uninstall them. They fill up memory and take the resources that are needed by other usable software.

  • Open Control Panel and then go to Programs and features.
  • Select unwanted Software and uninstall.

6) Regularly Check for viruses and Spyware

While doing any activity in PC there are chances that virus can affect your PC. Which can slow down your PC and also it can delete important files. So you have to Regularly check for viruses and Spyware by using Anti-Malware Antivirus or Windows Defender.

7) Disable Animation and Visual Effects

Animation and other visual effects are heavy effects which need a lot of free memory to perform which can decrease the performance rate.

  • Open System Property by clicking on This PC properties.
  • Then go to Advanced system settings. Now open settings under performance.
  • In performance, option select Adjust for best performance.

I hope this was helpful for you. Share it with others and if you have any opinion mention in the comment section.

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