Sony starts rolling out stable Android 14 for Xperia 1 V

After Samsung, Sony becomes the second OEM (excluding Google) to release stable Android 14 update. The Android 14 update is now available for Xperia 1 V. Xperia 1 V is the second non-Pixel Android smartphone to receive the stable Android 14 update. Of course we are not including Google Pixels. Sony has done a great job with fast action.

Android 14 has been available to the public for a month now, and there are still many OEMs yet to bring the update to their devices. That’s why Sony deserves praise. Another good thing is that one does not have to wait for closed or open beta testing.

Sony announced the Xperia 1V Android 14 update on its official website. The Android 14 update for the Xperia 1 V is currently rolling out in the EU and UK. It may be available in more regions, but this has not been confirmed.

Now let’s talk about what’s new in the Android 14 update for Xperia 1 V.

The Android 14 update brings improved Bokeh mode which is a feature from Xperia 5 V. Video Creator is also available as part of the update, however the app was available for download to Xperia 1 V users a few days back. Video Creator app make it simple to create short videos, compile or edit videos. Here’s what Sony has to say on the new bokeh mode feature.

“The new improved bokeh mode promises to elevate your portrait pictures closer to professional cameras. The addition delivers high quality images with the added ability to decrease focus in the background to emphasise objects at the foreground, producing an artistic effect. Bokeh mode is also available on 24mm lens and 48mm focal length”.

Sony kept the announcement detail short with only select list of changes. We will have more information once the complete changelog is out. Or these are only few changes in the update.

The major update for Sony Xperia 1 V (XQ-DQ54) comes with build number 67.1.A.2.112 and the firmware is now available for download in Xperifirm tool. Since it is a major update, it weighs above a GB so make sure you have enough data or using WiFi for installing the update.

As with every Android update, this update is gradually rolling out. So it may be possible that you don’t see the update in the first day, but it will show up in few days. You can check for the update in Settings. Sometimes the update is not appear in notification as soon as its available so manually checking for the update help you get the update as soon as its available.

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