What is Share Focus Status on iPhone and How to use it?

In this article, you can check a step-by-step guide on how to turn on or off share focus status on iPhone and iPad.

Focus is arguably the most impressive feature of the iOS 15. For some people, it’s Apple’s take on the Do Not Disturb feature. The new mode lets you filter notifications based on what you’re doing, suppose, if you’re doing work with Work Focus enabled on your iPhone, then you will get notifications from the apps you choose while setting up the focus.

One of the coolest things about using Focus mode is, that it lets other people know that you’re doing work and that’s why not responding to them. Although, you need to turn a toggle on for the share focus status on your iPhone to let other people know about your focus status.

What is Focus Mode?

The new Focus Mode is the Do Not Disturb Mode on Steroids. Focus makes the iconic Do Not Disturb Mode better and more functional. It let users allow certain people to contact while using a certain focus, the same can be done with the apps. Not only this but you can also set custom home screen pages for different focus modes.

There are various focus modes you can use on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or newer. The list includes Driving, Fitness, Mindfulness, Reading, Gaming, Sleep, Personal, Work, and Do Not Disturb (DND), you can also create your own custom focus if you want. If you haven’t used Focus Mode yet, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use it on your iPhone.

What is Share Focus Status on iPhone?

The Share Focus Status toggle let other people tell that you’ve silenced notifications, however, it is limited to people who own Apple devices. The feature allows compatible apps to display a message to the people about why you are not replying to the message. Although, the other person has a choice to send you a message which you can check later or can bypass the focus in case of emergency.

If you’re using Focus mode regularly, then you should consider turning on the Share Focus Status. There are a number of advantages of using Share Focus Status, your contacts will get an idea of why you’re not responding to them. As you’re not doing it intentionally, it is a must to let them know that you are simply busy and will respond late. In the case of driving focus, you can take use of the auto-reply feature with Share Focus Status as well.

If you’re in Apple’s ecosystem and own different Apple devices, then you can share the focus along with its settings including Share Focus Status to the other Apple devices you’re using like Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

Now you’re aware of the Focus Mode and Share Focus Status, let’s take a look at the steps on how you can turn on or off the share focus status on your iPhone. Head over to the Focus Settings, then tap on the focus you want to configure.

You can allow notifications for certain people and apps, depending on the focus. Right after these settings, you’ll see an option with Focus Status settings, tap on it. Share Focus Status is enabled by default. If you’ve disabled it in the past and want to turn it on switch the Share Focus Status toggle on.

As mentioned, when Share Focus Status is on the compatible apps will notify other people that you have notifications silenced. Obviously, they won’t be able to see the Focus name and information but have an option to Notify Anyway in case of emergency.

How to turn off Share Focus Status on iPhone for Contacts

Enabling the Share Focus Status will show all contacts on your list that you have notifications silenced, but there’s a way by which you can hide the share focus status for certain contacts or people. If you use iMessage then you can easily turn on or off the focus status with certain contacts.

Open the Messages app on your iPhone, then tap on the contact from which you want to hide focus status, tap on the user’s name, then turn off the toggle for Share Focus Status.

share focus status on iPhone

So, that’s all about the share focus status on iPhone, now you know you can turn it on or off, check it out on your iPhone, and if you still have any query leave a comment down in the comment box.

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