Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features: Top Picks to Explore

The Galaxy S24, the newest member in the Galaxy S series was recently unveiled after a long wait. The Galaxy S24 series is packed with AI features that are not yet available on other smartphones. In fact, Samsung is emphasizing AI features as the main selling point of the Galaxy S24. Here are the best Galaxy S24 AI features that you can use on your phone.

Samsung has collaborated with Google to introduce several AI features in the Galaxy S24 series. Many of these AI features are built on the Gemini model, recognized as Google’s best AI model to date.

Best AI Features on Galaxy S24

The range of AI features on the Galaxy S24 is wide. You will find AI features in most segments of the phone like settings, Google search, camera, photo editing etc. Exploring each of the AI features yourself can take time, and so that’s where this list of Galaxy S24 AI features will help you.

Live Translate in Calls

While the primary purpose of a smartphone is communication, it can be challenging when users don’t share the same language. Live Translate makes communication easier than ever by removing the language barrier. It translates voice calls and texts in real time.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t understand the language of the person you are communicating with, you can use Live Translate to translate their response to your language. You can view the translation in text, and it will also be read aloud. Currently, the on-device call translation supports 13 languages.


This feature turns the phone into a split screen view for two people to converse in different languages. So when you are in a place where people speak a different language, you can use an interpreter. And when you speak or type in your language, it will show the translated text to the person in front of you or play it in the speaker. And then they can respond in their own language which will be translated into your language.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

If you’re planning to visit a different country or a place with a different language, this feature is going to play a crucial role.

Chat Assist

Similar to Live Translate, Chat Assist addresses the language barrier in chats. It can automatically translate messages in real-time. When you receive a message, it will display the translated message alongside the original. Likewise, when you type a message, it will be converted into a language the receiver understands. Currently, it supports 13 languages, similar to call translation.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

In Google Messages, users will receive auto-reply suggestions based on various styles they can choose from. Some of the styles include Chill, Excited, Formal, Rephrase, Shakespeare, and more. Users can select the tone from the Magic Compose icon that appears on the keyboard.

Chat Assist allows you to choose a tone such as Polite, Casual, Original, Social, Professional, and more, directly from the Samsung keyboard. This means when you’re using the keyboard, you can set the tone. For example, when writing a caption for social media, you can choose the social tone to shape the text accordingly.

AI in Android Auto

In Android Auto, the AI can automatically summarize messages and provide replies and actions suitable for the conversation, allowing you to stay focused on driving. For instance, you can easily share your ETA with a single tap.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

Transcript Assist

Users can now obtain a summary of lectures, meetings, or group conversations using Speech to Text, provided they recorded it on their phone. It’s quite difficult to take notes at the speed of speech, and so at that time recording them is the best option. And with Transcript Assist feature you can get a summary of recorded lectures. Additionally, it can assist in translating other recordings.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

Note Assist

Another daily useful feature is Note Assist that will let you organize your notes without spending much time. When you have a disorganized note that you’ve taken in a hurry, you can select it and then ask the AI (Auto Format and Summary option) to organize it for you. It can organize notes by adding title, date and time, bullet points, paragraphs, lists and more. This will give you the option to choose from different styles.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

Circle to Search

Now you can search anything from anywhere on your phone. Simply highlight the object or text you want to search by circling, scribbling, or highlighting it. This way, you can learn more about anything without switching the app.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

If you come across something interesting and want to learn more about it, simply circle, scribble, or highlight the content. The results will be displayed in a Google window that appears on top of the app.

It lets you search for anything visible on the screen.

Edit Suggestions

The Camera and Gallery also feature multiple AI features, including Edit Suggestions. When you open a photo in the Gallery, the AI scans the photo in the background, providing related suggestions to enhance the photo. For instance, if a photo has reflections or shadows, you will get buttons to remove them.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

Generative Edit

This feature gained popularity when it was first introduced in software like Photoshop. Yes, it’s similar to Generative Fill feature that allows you to extend and rotate your photo. In the empty areas, it will automatically fill with a matching background.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

It also lets us change the position of the subject in the photo. This may not work for all objects, but it should work for people and animals as objects.

Instant Slo Mo

If you forgot to record a video in slow motion, the Galaxy S24 allows you to convert the video into a slow-motion video. Utilizing AI, it can generate additional frames to smoothly show the transition when the video is converted into slow motion.

There are some more AI features integrated for performance and security. And we can expect Samsung to add more AI based features in future.

Some of these features are also going to be released for older Galaxy phones. You can check out the list of phones that will be getting these features.

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