Saints Row 2022: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements and More

Open world games that have a ton of action, adventure, and shooting stuff are fun. Yea, the game that comes to your mind with such elements is GTA V. But, there are games that have these elements and there are indeed numerous of them. We are finally getting a new Saints Row game soon. There have been plenty of Saints Row games in the past, and it has been long overdue for a newer one. Here is everything you need to know about the new Saints Row 2022 game.

The last Saints Row game was released back in 2018. And since then, players and fans have been eagerly waiting for a new game. And with it being finally announced, we can expect a lot of new features and improvements in the game that’s about to be released soon. Everyone who enjoys open-world action-oriented games will be eagerly waiting for this new Saints Row game to come out soon. With that being said, here is everything we know so far about the new Saints Row game.

Saints Row 2022 Release Date

The new game was announced at Gamescom that was held in August 2021. Along with the announcement of a new Saints Row 2022 game, we also got to see a new announce trailer as well as the release date for the game. Its expected release date is set for August 23rd, 2022. You can take a look at the announcement trailer by heading here.

Saints Row 2022 Release Date

Saints Row 2022 Publisher and Developer

This new Saints Row game is being developed by Deep Silver Volition and is being published by Deep Silver. They are the same developers that have been putting out the older Saints Row games. They even have other games like Red Faction, Freespade, and Summoner 2.

Saints Row 2022 Trailer

The trailer released for this game talks about the location where the game is being set. Titled as Welcome To Santo Illeso. The trailer shows off the all-new locations, different cities as well as some bits of gameplay that you can expect to be enjoying in the game. It also shows off a few important aspects that people look out for in a game like this such as character customization and even different ways that you can build up your criminal empire in Santo Illeso. You can watch this 7-minute long trailer on their official YouTube channel.

Saints Row 2022 Release Date

Saints Row 2022 Gameplay

Now, let’s talk about gameplay. This is the most essential aspect of almost any game. Also, it’s equally important even if it is from a franchise that has been putting out games for a long time. Now, with the new Saints Row 2022 game, you can expect everything to be upgraded, whether it is in terms of the graphics, the environment, the characters, the story. Now, the new Saints Row game takes place in the south-western regions of the United States of America. The game focuses on one important factor- be self-made. The game is about a group of friends who venture out and about a criminal business venture. Basically, to become the best that has ever been in Santo Illeso.

Saints Row 2022 Release Date

You will be your own boss. Yes, a boss who will lead their friends to form The Saints. While you and your team are the best in town, you will always have enemies coming around to attack you. They obviously want to eliminate competition to who becomes the best in Santo Illeso. The enemies will be out and about on different types of vehicles from bicycles to cars. You need to gather out all of your equipment and be prepared for any attacks. Yes, you will also be able to shoot your enemies off various vehicles and even from a helicopter.

Before you go out to take power into your hands, you must also recruit people who are willing to be a part of your team. Now, given that it’s an open-world game, you can obviously explore the city at your own pace, drive various types of vehicles and choose from a massive range of weapons. There is a gameplay trailer for this game that you should totally check out.

Saints Row 2022 Release Date

Saints Row 2022 In-Game Districts

The developers have also revealed a few districts from the game. Each district is unique in every way. From deserts to urban high-rise city scrapers and even outdoor activity areas. If you are someone who loves to explore open-world games or for that matter take in-game photographs, this game will be a treat for such players.

  • Rancho Providencia
  • Lakeshore
  • Monte Vista

Saints Row 2022 Multiplayer Modes

We know for sure that the game will be featuring co-op multiplayer game modes, but what multiplayer game modes? We are yet to get information from the game’s developers.

Saints Row 2022 Platform Availability and Game Editions

The game will be available for the old and new generation consoles from Xbox and even PlayStation. As for PC, you will be able to purchase it from the Epic Games Store. We aren’t sure if it will make it to Steam any time soon. Speaking of PC availability, the game can be preordered right now on all available platforms. Saints Row will be available in three different editions. 

The base game is obviously there followed by the Gold and Platinum Editions. The gold and platinum editions have additional content as expected. However, preordering any edition of the game will give you access to some preorder content when the game releases in August.

Saints Row 2022 System Requirements

While the game is available for preorder on PC, the developers are yet to reveal the minimum and recommended system requirements. One cannot simply assume that the game will be running fine on some decent average PC. We think that any PC that was released in 2019 with middle to high specs should be perfect to run the game.


And this is everything we know about the new Saint Row 2022 game. Sure it is refreshing to see the game franchise continue on and especially with a new playground, world, and even new characters. So, are you interested in this game and planning to preorder it, or will wait a few days after its release date to watch for any types of bugs or problems that might pop up on the first day? Whatever your choice is, it’s safe to say that the game will be worth everything and will definitely provide an all-around experience.

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