How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50 and Install TWRP Recovery

Samsung Galaxy A50 is one of the best smartphones in the A series which was recently launched with A30 and A10 smartphones. If you like to customize your phones like rooting then this guide is for you. Here you will know how to root Samsung Galaxy A50 and install TWRP Recovery.

root samsung galaxy a50

Galaxy A50 packs with lots of amazing features such as triple rear camera, infinity-U display and more. And if you are looking forward to try various custom ROMs and custom kernels on your phone then installing TWRP recovery and rooting the phone with Magisk is the first step. Rooting the phone provides controls to system files and settings, hence we can modify anything on the phone. All thanks to geiti94 (an XDA Senior Member) for porting unofficial TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A50.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50

Since Magisk came out the Rooting process has become very easy. We can root any Android device systemless by just installing Magisk using TWRP recovery. So first you have to is Install TWRP Recovery and then flash Magisk Zip file to root your phone. And you should know that to modify any smartphone the bootloader should be unlocked. Check out below step by step guide to root Galaxy A50. Here are some files you need to download that are used in the process.

Important: If you want to install TWRP Recovery then follow below method. And if you don’t then follow this guide to root your Samsung A50.



  • Make sure that bootloader is unlocked on your phone
  • Take a full Nandroid backup of your phone (This method will erase all the data)
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • Patch the TWRP file with Magisk (only if you want to root) – Guide

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy A50 & Root


  • After installing TWRP Recovery you will not receive OTA updates
  • After Rooting the phone you can not use Knox TZ feature
  • You should know that you are doing this on your own risk

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery

  1. Transfer the patched twrp recovery on your PC.
  2. In Galaxy A50 Open Settings and go to About Phone > Software info and tap continuously on “Build Number” until it says you are now a developer.
  3. Now In Settings go to Developer Options and check OEM Unlocking (it must be greyed out). If RMM is locked you will not see OEM Unlock option.
  4. Remove Google Account from your device.
  5. In PC extract the downloaded Odin zip. And open Odin.exe application.
  6. Completely turn off your phone.
  7. Press & hold Volume Up + Power together till it shows recovery information. It will boot into recovery mode.
  8. Use the Volume keys to navigate between option and power key to select. Perform “Wipe data/factory reset”.
  9. Once the factory reset is done, select reboot to bootloader in recovery mode.
  10. Connect the phone to PC via USB cable.
  11. In Odin, it will show if your device connected properly. If not then check the drivers are properly installed.
  12. Switch to the Options tab and untick “Auto Reboot”. root samsung galaxy a50
  13. Now click on AP and locate the downloaded TWRP Recovery for Samsung A50.
  14. After selecting TWRP tar file click on Start to install TWRP on Galaxy A50.
  15. After completion, the Odin tool will show the Pass message.
  16. Don’t let the device turn on immediately boot into TWRP recovery (press & hold Power + Volume Up button together until you see TWRP sign).
  17. Format your phone from TWRP Recovery (use the Wipe section).
  18. Transfer the multi disabler file to your phone.
  19. In TWRP, click on Install and locate multidisabler file and flash it.
  20. Now go to Reboot > Recovery (necessary). If it’s trying to boot into the system immediately press & hold Volume Up + Power button (until you see TWRP icon) to forcibly boot into Recovery mode. Then go to Reboot > Recovery.
  21. To boot into rooted system Press & Hold Power + Volume Up together till you see the bootloader screen.

Important Notes:

  • Never Reboot normally or you will brick your device. Always use the key combination to boot into TWRP Recovery and rooted system.
    • Press & Hold Power + Volume Up till bootloader screen to boot into the rooted system
    • Press & Hold Power + Volume Up till TWRP icon to boot into TWRP recovery

Credit: geiti94 & Er. Aditya

Root Samsung Galaxy A50 with Magisk (without TWRP)

Follow the video to root Galaxy A50 without TWRP.

Note: In the video, it shows to download firmware for S10, so in case of Galaxy A50 you need to download the stock firmware for your model. Or you can skip downloading firmware if you already have Stock firmware for Galaxy A50.

Install Magisk and Root Samsung Galaxy A50

Important: This method to install Magisk is currently not working, so don’t follow it. The above method is already going to install TWRP and Magisk at the same time.

  1. Make sure that Internal storage is accessible from TWRP recovery.
  2. In TWRP Recovery go to Install and flash “”. root samsung galaxy a50
  3. Again go to Install and flash “RMM” to allow the device to root. root samsung galaxy a50
  4. Again go to Install and select Magisk zip file.
  5. Swipe the slider to flash Magisk and root Samsung Galaxy A50. root samsung galaxy a50
  6. Go back to TWRP home and go to Reboot > System.
  7. Once rebooted into system go to file explorer and locate Magisk Manager APK. Install the APK file on your device.
  8. Now open the Magisk Manager on your phone. And it will show two right tick in green color means your device is successfully rooted.

So this was a quick and easy guide to root Samsung Galaxy A50 with TWRP & Magisk. Now you can use any App that asks for root permission like Root explorer, Titanium backup etc. And you can also flash any custom ROM, custom Recovery or any other zip file from TWRP Recovery to modify your phone.

I hope this guide was helpful to you and you have successfully rooted your phone. But if you have any issues on installing TWRP recovery and Magisk then you can comment down below and we will reply with the solution as soon as possible.

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