How to deal with Roku Device Overheating Issues

Smart devices are super useful as they have made life easier and this includes living room entertainment. We have smart TVs, streaming sticks, and streaming boxes that can be connected to the internet. With such devices, you can have a whole marathon of binge-watching your favorite series or movies. While it sounds all good, you need to understand that these are electronic devices, so they will eventually overheat, and this time we’re talking about Roku devices. And if you have been watching or streaming for a long time, then you would have noticed a few messages about your device overheating. So what do you do in case such a message appears? This guide will show you how to deal with Roku overheating issues.

So what do you do when a message like this shows up? Normally you would do either of the following things, Continue watching your shows or switch the device off. Sure switching the device is a good measure. But, there is more to just switching the device off. You also need to follow and understand how you could ensure that your device does not overheat again and again. Read on to know how you can deal or fix Roku overheating issues easily.

Steps to Deal and Fix Overheating Roku Device

Before we begin with the steps, there are two ways that the Roku device will let you know when it is overheating. The first is when you get a message displayed at the right-hand corner of the screen. The second way is when the Roku streaming box displays a red light. This is how you know the Roku device is telling you that it’s overheating. Also, if you feel the device and feel it getting hot, it’s time to do something about it.

how to deal with roku device overheating
  1. First, unplug the Roku device. Turn it off and disconnect it from the TV as well as from the power source.
  2. Pick the Roku device and place it in a well-ventilated area. Somewhere in an open space inside your home should be perfect.
  3. Avoid putting anything cold or wet on your device. You will simply spoil the device and render it useless.
  4. An ideal time for cooling the device is around 10 minutes. It would be better if you could leave it for around 15 minutes to completely cool itself down.
  5. After this time period, you can go ahead and connect the Roku device back.
  6. Check and see that it is not displaying the red LED light or not showing the overheating messages.
  7. If it doesn’t, well and good. But, if it does, you will need to disconnect the device and leave it to cool away for some more time.
  8. In this case, about half an hour or so should b perfect for the device to completely cool down.

Important Points to Prevent Roku Overheating

  • Always clean up the Roku device. Any dust can clog its vents causing it to heat up.
  • If you keep the Roku device in a closed shelf or cabinet while using it, then it can’t remove heat due to no proper circulation.
  • If you’re using the Roku Stick, make sure that it’s not getting heated up because of the TV. If it does, you can claim your free HDMI extender from Roku itself.


And these are the ways you can follow to deal with and fix the issues when your Roku device begins to heat. Always remember to keep the surroundings and your Roku device clean and free from dust at all times. Also, do take a break between extremely long movie marathons, so your device can cool down. Have any queries? Feel free to drop them below.

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