Rocket Racing: All Tracks That You Can Race On

We saw the release of the new Rocket Racing experience on the 8th of December, 2023. The new experience has been created by the developers of the popular game Rocket League. For the uninformed, Rocket Racing is a fun little racing game that you can play either solo, with friends, or with other people online. Your goal is to be the fastest on the tracks. Rocket Racing lets you upgrade and customize your vehicle according to your choice.

One of the best things about Rocket Racing is the tracks. There are numerous tracks that you can choose to race on. Best of all, these tracks are all grouped according to different racer levels. This is great for those who might be new to the game and don’t want to race on really hard tracks right away. So, here is the list of all the tracks that you can race on in Rocket Racing.

Rocket Racing: Track List

The tracks in Rocket Racing have lots of areas where you will have to dodge different obstacles, drive sideways on tracks that are in the air, perform jumps, and even execute cool drifts around the corners. There are three levels of tracks when it comes to Rocket Racing. These levels are Novice, Advanced, and Expert.

rocket racing race tracks

Check out the tracks listed below.

Rocket Racing: Novice Level Tracks

When you select the Novice track for a race, you are greeted with 9 track options to choose from

  • Airborne
  • Anarchy Arches
  • Bone Cavern
  • Curvy Canyon
  • Day Drifting
  • Dust Up
  • Festive Falls
  • K2 Raceway
  • Lazy lake

Rocket Racing: Advanced Tracks

Want to up the skill level and challenges of racing? Choose from the 7 available advanced-level tracks

  • Bone Cavern 2
  • Cliff Runner
  • Outpost
  • Pleasant Pitstop
  • Puddle Jumper
  • Sidewinder
  • Windy Way

Rocket Racing: Expert Tracks

If you have mastered the art of racing perfectly in Rocket Racing, it is best to go head-to-head and compete with other players at the ranked level from the following tracks.

  • Airborne 2
  • Anaconda
  • Cliff Runner 2
  • Curvy Canyon 2
  • Dust Up 2
  • Olympus
  • Puddle Jumper 2
  • Riviera
  • Tilted Turnpike

The easiest tracks to race around with no difficulty are the tracks from the Novice level. Challenging ones can be experienced by selecting tracks from the Advanced and Expert levels.

Custom Tracks In Rocket Racing

While the idea of having custom tracks for Rocket Racing will seem like a cool idea, the feature has not been implemented. However, we can expect this feature to show up in the game as creator tools hopefully in new updates that will be released in 2024.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the list of all the tracks that you can race around in Rocket Racing. Whether you play on PC, Android, or gaming consoles, you can choose what track you would like to race on or, you could simply let the game pick up a track of its choice for you to race on.

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