Rocket League Sideswipe Released for Android and iOS (Season 1 Live)

Mobile games are gaining more popularity than ever. Due to the lockdown imposed last year, people have been playing games on their phones a lot more than in the previous years. Sure, gaming on PCs and consoles has always been the best, but there is no denying the fact that mobile games saw a huge rise and many developers have been releasing popular titles on mobile.

Nothing came as a surprise when Psyonix, the developers of the Rocket League stated that they would be launching a Rocket League game for mobile. Well, it is here with the title Rocket League Sideswipe, and here is everything we know so far about it.

Rocket League as we all know is a very popular arcade-style football game that involves cars zooming across the stadium looking to score goals. You get to customize your cars with paint jobs, decals, body kits, and many other things. Plus, you also get different themed cars depending on events that take place in-game. So, what is it all about the new Rocket League mobile game? Read on to know more.

Rocket League Sideswipe

The new mobile game by Psyonix is titled Rocket League Sideswipe. Why Sideswipe? Well, the game lets you drive and shoot goals sideways. Of course, people expect the gameplay to be similar to that of the original Rocket League. There shouldn’t be anything to complain about since the game is free including the original PC and console game.

Rocket League Sideswipe Android & iOS

Rocket League Sideswipe Release Date

The game was earlier launched in batches region-wise. This rollout started back on November 15th. Since then the game had been rolling out to many other regions. The game has officially been launched on the 30th of November 2021. It is globally available for everyone to download and install on Android as well as iOS devices.

Rocket League Sideswipe Gameplay

Since this is a mobile game and is focused like a side-scrolling game, you have simple and easy controls for it. On your left side is your joystick. You use the joystick to move your car left, right upwards, or even downwards (when you are in the air that is). Towards your right, you will find the controls to jump and double jump. There is also the boost button available for when you might want to shoot the ball into the goal.

In Rocket League Sideswipe, you will be able to lay a few kinds of games. You can choose to play a Dual 1v1, Doubles 2v2 or Hoops 2v2. The first time you launch the game, you will need to go through the tutorial that will teach you controls of the game. Once that is done you can go ahead and customize your ride in the game. The game has several weekly as well as monthly challenges for you to complete. As and when you complete a challenge you can claim various rewards. These can be different parts that you can equip for your car.

Rocket League Sideswipe Android & iOS

Unlike most of the other games that are available on the Play Store what you download and sign in with either your Facebook or Google account, Rocket League Sideswipe requires you to log in or create an Epic Games Account to play online. If you’d not want to play online, simply choose the play offline option and enjoy playing some games with the bots.

Rocket League Sideswipe Audio Tracks

Yes, the mobile Rocket League game also has a ton of music tracks for you to listen to while you are battling out on the ground. You can also skip or change tracks depending on your taste. These are original soundtracks for the game. These can be accessed by tapping on the Settings icon at the right corner of the screen. If you do not wish to hear music while playing, you can simply tap on the volume icon and drop the slider to zero.

Rocket League Sideswipe Android & iOS

Rocket League Sideswipe Season 1

While the game was being soft-launched in various regions, a Pre- Season event was being held. Now that the game has been launched globally, Season 1 of the game has just begun. This season will go on through this month and will end on the 25 of January. During this event, there are many rewards to be claimed such as the Nuhai Inverted Wheels, WOW! Goal Explosion as well as unlock a new track titled Water Resistant by Anamanaguchi. The new track will become the player’s anthem for this season. Here is the list of all songs available in the game as of now:

  • Dreams- Anamanaguchi, Flux Pavilion
  • Water Resistant- Anamanaguchi
  • Control Me- Bensley
  • Fading Wind- Feint
  • That Look- Justin Hawkes
  • Light Up- Koven
  • Mermaid- MYLK
  • There and Back- Protostar
  • Have Fun- Rameses B
  • Made 4 This- Tisoki

Rocket League Sideswipe Device Requirements

Your mobile device should meet the minimum requirements to have a seamless play. If you are playing on an Android device, you need to be at least on Android 6.0 64 bit or better. Your device should have at least 2 GB of RAM as well as 2 GB of internal storage space. Meanwhile, on iOS, your device should be running on iOS 12 or better. It should also be having at least 2 GB of RAM as well as 2 GB of internal storage space available. The game’s download size at around 800 MB.


And this is everything we know so far about the new Rocket League Sideswipe game for mobile. Sure, it is just the start, and there aren’t many things available. Give it some time, and we hope to see a lot of new things being introduced into the game as well as it being able to bring in more new players to the Rocket League games be it on mobile or even on PC. What is your favorite part about Rocket League Sideswipe so far? The controls? The Optimization or anything else? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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