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How to Recall Sent Emails on Gmail

Gmail is the best tool to send or receive the Emails to anyone anywhere. Last year, Gmail Introduced a new feature named “Undo Send” or we can also say Recall Sent Emails. This feature helps us to undo the sent email, and save it into the draft. By the help of this feature, you can easily re-edit the Email if you have any mistakes in it, also if you can send it mistakenly then you can recall it. Most of the peoples don’t know about this feature and don’t know how to Enable it and use it. So, In this post, I will tell How to Recall Sent Emails on Gmail.

How to Recall Sent Emails on Gmail:

Note: You need to change the settings from your desktop then it will work for you on both mobile and desktopMake sure to set the time limit for undo send.

  1. You need to log in to your desktop with your Gmail account, After successful login, click on the settings gear icon is shown at the right corner, and tap on the settings button.How to Recall Sent Emails on Gmail
  2. In settings, you can see the Undo Send option, enable it and save the recall time you want. Time means that you can able to recall the sent email under the time limit. This feature has a time limit not work after crossing the time limit.How to Recall Sent Emails on Gmail
  3. After setting the time limit, scroll down and tap on the save button. Now you can able to use the Recall feature on your Gmail account.
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