Rainbow Six Mobile: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay and More

Mobile games seem to be getting very popular day by day. And that’s why console game developers are also entering mobile gaming. There are tons of mobile games available spread across different categories. In Fact, we have been seeing a number of popular PC games releasing mobile versions of such games. We’ve seen games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and a few others make it to the mobile gaming platform. There is now a new contender that’s ready to grab the attention of mobile gamers. This time, it’s none other than Rainbow Six being made available for mobile. Here’s everything we know so far about the mobile game.

Rainbow Six Seige is a very popular online multiplayer shooter game that has been around since 2015. It’s a game that’s still being played in large numbers even after the release of a new Rainbow Six game. Looking at how popular the game has been, the developers have decided that they too want a share of the profits that are earned in large amounts by mobile games. There are ways such as in-game purchases and ads. Of course, there’s the usual battle pass that needs to be purchased monthly in order to gain more rewards. Anyways, keeping all of that aside here’s everything we know about the upcoming Rainbow Six Mobile.

Rainbow Six Mobile

On the 6th of April 2022, Ubisoft finally confirmed that there will be a Rainbow Six mobile game made available for players on Android as well as iOS devices. Rainbow Six has had a number of games on PC under the Tom Clancy franchise. And, it is no surprise that they are entering the mobile gaming space. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and will continue to be along the lines of Siege and will also continue to stick with the tactical shooting genre.

Rainbow Six Mobile Release Date

Rainbow Six Mobile Announcement Trailer

Apart from just putting out a notice about the game being announced, we also get to take a look at the Announcement Trailer for the game. You can go out and have a peek at it over here. The announcement trailer shows off aspects of the game such as being able to make use of various types of weapons and skills in order to take out the enemy. So far it looks good, however, we expect to see some sort of actual gameplay footage from the game itself to determine how the things in-game will be.

Rainbow Six Mobile Release Date

Because it is a new mobile game, there will be a large number of people interested to know when the game is slated for release. However, we need to point out that the devs have not released the launch date for the game nor do we know what part of the year the game is expected to be released. However, we can expect a release date from the devs soon or later alongside more announcements of the game.

Rainbow Six Mobile Release Date

Rainbow Six Mobile Gameplay

So, let’s talk about what we can expect in the game. Well, so far we know that there are two teams that will be fighting against each other – the Defenders and the attackers. We also know which operators will be on each team. All of these operators have a specific primary and secondary weapon alongside a unique ability and gadget.


The job of the attackers is to free the hostages and fight to claim victory over the enemies.

  • Ash
  • Sledge
  • Twitch
  • Thermite
  • Hibana


The defenders will have to prevent the attackers from being able to free the hostages and also make sure to eliminate all of them and clench a royal victory.

  • Caveria
  • Bandit
  • Smoke
  • Valkyrie
  • Mute

Rainbow Six Mobile Maps

The developers have revealed that there are two maps in the game and in future announcements they will be revealing more additional details as well as payable maps for the game. The first map is called the Bank. This is a map that will have a number of buildings and each building will have a various number of rooms which will be an advantage to the Defenders. The second map that we know about is called Border. Now just as you would expect, Border is an isolated map that has a number of building structures that are old and broken. But, if you are an attacker, this map will be of good advantage since it’s more of an open area that will help you in taking out the defenders.

Rainbow Six Mobile Registration and Early Access

Even though we do not have much information about the new Rainbow Six mobile game, players are able to register for the game on Android and iOS devices respectively. All they need to do is to head here to sign up and register for notifications about when the game will be out. Some users will also get a chance to play the beta version before the game reaches its official release date.


And this is everything we know so far about the new Ubisoft mobile game titled Rainbow Six Mobile. There sure is a lot of information that players are waiting for to be revealed like the type of guns we can expect, different types of rewards, and also the maps in the game and whether we would be seeing maps from other Rainbow Six games. We will be adding all the necessary information as and when there are updates being released by the developers themselves.

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