PS5 Beta Software update brings 1440p gaming, Gamelists and more

The PlayStation 5 is a great gaming console and now, it’s only going to get even better. There is a new beta software update rolling out to select PS5 users that bring in support for 1440p gaming, game lists, streaming features, and choose between 3D audio and stereo audio. These are features that will be tested out by a small group of users in limited regions. Once the update has been polished and tuned, users all around the world will be getting these new features via OTA updates.

As of now only a certain number of regions and its users are able to test and try out beta software for the PS5. Here is the list of regions.

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • USA

If you are residing in the above regions, you will be getting a software beta update via invitation. Now, let’s take a look at all the good stuff available for beta testers to try out.

Gameplay and Personalization Features

1440p Video Output

You will now be able to play PS5 games in 1440p on monitors that have support for 1440p outputs. You will be able to experience native 1440p resolutions if the game supports 1440p rendering. Also, if a game that you play supports 4K outputs, players will be benefiting from anti-aliasing that gets improved by supersampling to the output resolution of 1440p.

1440p Video Output ps5 beta

Test Your HDMI Output

If you are wondering whether your monitor or TV supports 1440p outputs, you can test it using your PS5. here’s how.

  • Launch the System Settings menu on your PS5.
  • Select the Screen and Video option and finally select Test 1440p output.
  • You will also be able to choose your desired resolution output between 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 2160p.

New Gamelists Feature

PS5 owners will finally be able to organize their games as well as create different lists right away. Each user can create up to 15 game lists and have a maximum of 100 games per list. Whether they are physical copies, digital copies, or streaming titles- you can add them to your lists. You also have the option of having the same game in multiple lists created by you.

gamelists ps5 beta

You can follow these steps to create a Gamelist on your PS5

  • Head over to the Collection tab on your PS5.
  • Now, select Create gamelist.
  • Simply choose your games and add them to the list right away.
  • And finally, give the gamelist a name of your choice.

Choose Audio Output

Whether you prefer to enjoy your games with 3D audio or stereo audio, you can now set your desired option by hearing a preview on the screen and then setting it as your preferred audio output option.

Audio Output ps5 beta

Quickly Resume Game Session

Now, players will be able to continue from where they left off or resume in-progress activities by simply selecting the Resume Activity button. This means you will be to resume your game faster and complete the activities.

New Added Social Features

Games only get more fun when you play with friends and other people online. There are new features that will improve your online gaming experience.

Request Friend’s Screen Share

If you wish to watch the gameplay of your friend, you can now easily send a request to your friend to share their screen. All you need to do is open the Voice Chat, select the friend, and then choose the Request Screen Share option.

Screen Share ps5 beta

Join Game via Notification

You can now join your friend’s game by simply clicking on the Join button from the notification that you receive when a member of your party is playing a game. This reduces the need for your friend to send an invite to join the game. This saves you time and also gives you more time to enjoy the game with your friend.

Join Game via Notification ps5 beta

View newly Accepted Profiles

If you have just accepted friend requests from different people, the PS5 will now let you view their profiles and details that are usually present on a profile.

Send Voice Notes and Stickers

We all know about messaging platforms letting you send texts, voice notes, and even stickers. Well, you can now send voice notes and stickers on your PS5 via the Game Base. All you need to do is open the Game Base, click on the plus icon and then choose  Voice Message or Sticker.

This is everything that Sony’s PlayStation 5 new beta software update brings. Looking at these features, it indeed looks quite good and hopefully, in the coming days, we get to see the Discord app made available for PlayStation users. If you are someone that has enrolled in the beta software updates for their PS5, feel free to share your experience with us on how the update works and whether you think the features are great or not.

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