Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and more

Another year, another Pokemon game comes to life. Yes, a new Pokemon game titled Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to be rising soon. Almost all of us have played a Pokemon game during our childhood and have enjoyed it a lot. Sure, as time goes, games improve and become much better.

The idea of being able to collect all these little Pokemon on your device itself made you feel like Ash Ketchum the best Pokemon Trainers. Well well well, if you are someone who has a Nintendo Switch you will be able to relive the old days again. Here is everything about Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and more.

There have been a lot of Pokemon games in the past and everyone has enjoyed them all. One of the best ones out there will have to be Pokemon Go. It took the world by storm as millions of players started getting out of their houses to catch Pokemon. Yes, the new Pokemon game won’t let you do that, but that doesn’t stop you from playing with Pokemon that too at any age. So, let’s go ahead and tell you everything we know about Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release Date

The new game was announced during the Pokemon 25th Anniversary event that took place on the 26th of February. Pokemon Legends Arceus is set for release on January 28, 2022. We also got to see a trailer of the game that was released during the announcement. You can watch the trailer here.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Date

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer

The trailer begins with the narrator talking about the Sinnoh region and how Pokemon used to be living wild and free. And then we get to see footage of the region, a trainer capturing Pokemon as well as different parts of the city that you will be able to roam around in. So far it looks good with improvements in the Pokemon’s models. The trailer ends with the reveal of the launch date of the game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Date

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gameplay

You will be playing in the Hisui region that looks usually appealing to the eyes. The area will have a nice warm summer and cold snow-filled winter. On your visit to Hisui, you will be studying how the Pokemons can survive. Once you have done learning about how the Pokemons live, you will be able to enter the Jublife Village, a place that has a lot of services such as being able to trade your Pokemon with various other players in the village itself. This indicates that you will be able to play the game online with other players.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Date

With that being said, the people in the region will be taking care of the Special Pokemon by providing them with food and water. These special Pokemon will then assist the people as and when needed. While out on your journey you might come across these special Pokemon. Sure they might be nice, but they will be ever ready to strike an attack on you whenever you try to capture them.

You will find small menus and indicators to the left and right of your screen during a Pokemon battle. Once you start collecting Pokemon, you will have to continue with filling up the Pokedex.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Characters

As it is with all Pokemon games, there are in-game characters that you will always come across. Let’s take a look at who you will meet in the new Pokemon game.

  • Akari/Rei: The main protagonist of the game. Depends on whom you choose at the beginning.
  • Professor Laventon: Lead Researcher of the Pokemon’s living abilities.
  • Commander Kamado:  Your boss. The leader of the Galaxy Team.
  • Captain Cyllene: Your guide who lets you join the Galaxy Team.
  • Mai: The carer of the special Wyrdeer.
  • Lian: full of talent and carer of the Kleavor.
  • Iscan: Carer of the special Basculegion.
  • Arezu: The warden and problem solver.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus New Pokemon

The new game will also showcase some new Pokemons as well as the starter Pokemon for you. Here is the whole list.

Starter Pokemon

  • Rowlet
  • Cyndaquil
  • Oshawott

Newly Discovered Pokemon

  • Wyrdeer
  • Basculegion
  • Kleavor

Regional Forms

  • Hisuian Zorwa
  • Hisuian Zoroark
  • Hisuian Braviary
  • Hisuian Growlithe

Mythical Pokemon

  • Shaymin
  • Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Platform Availability

Now, this is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game and there are no hopes of the game even launching on mobile platforms. With that out of the way, players can already go ahead and place their pre-order for the game. You will find it in both a physical copy as well as a digital copy. The game will cost you $59.99 respectively.

If you pre-order the game, you will be getting exclusive bonus items like the Hisuian Growlithe Kimono set and the Baneful Fox Mask. If you pre-order the digital version you will also get an extra 30 heavy balls that can be used in various battles.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Other Details

The game has a rough size of 15 GB and is developed by Game Freak. Since this is the Nintendo Switch, you will be able to connect your Switch to the TV using the TV Mode. Or you could go all out and make use of the tabletop mode with the joycons detached from the device.

And this is everything we know so far about the game. More information will be updated as and when the developers reveal more information. So what do you think about the game? Will it be a hit like Pokemon Go? Will you be pre-ordering the game with all the information that you have so far? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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