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Pixel Launcher P APK Download & Get Android P Features

Yesterday, Google has officially announced the developer preview of Android P to the users for testing. Well, the names is not officially revealed so don’t ask us for the Android P name or wait for an update. But, The information I know is, It has some amazing new features like fully changed Notfication Bar and Quick bar setting panel is rounded from the corners. The new Android version Android P has announced and my favorite part is the home screen and other customizations in it. So, Here I will Share How to get Pixel Launcher P APK download & get new features.

The NEW Pixel Launcher 3.6 is Here

Old Pixel Launcher APK:

Pixel Launcher APK

Pixel Launcher was the first publicized at the launch of Pixel (2016) Phones. Pixel launcher is one of my favorite launchers, it is elegant, easy to use, robust, small launcher. Now, It comes with the newer version of Android named Android P with some new features. It comes with new home screen with rounded menu drawer, so try it on your non-pixel smartphone.

Download Rootless Pixel Launcher P APK

  1. Firstly, You need to Download the Latest version of Rootless Pixel Launcher P apk on your smartphone from this Download Link. It is not available on Google Play Store for the older phones, because of the compatibility issue.
  2. Also, Download the Live Wallpaper app on your smartphone to getting the ultimate taste of Google Pixel 2.
  3. So try it on your smartphone, That’s it.

What’s New Pixel Launcher P APK

  • The weather widget appears in the top
  • The Rounded home screen menu drawer
  • Shortcut on long press
  • Folders layout is changed

Things You Need to Install in Addition to Pixel Launcher

Wallpaper by Google

Well, If you are installing the Pixel Launcher on your smartphone then I am sure you want to install the premium wallpapers on it. So, Wallpaper by Google is the perfect match for your device.

Wallpaper is a major aspect when we change a theme on our android phone. Wallpaper by Google is a simple wallpaper app, launched when the Nexus launcher was renamed to Pixel Launcher 3.1. It comes with Pixel Smartphones. If you want to install Pixel Launcher 3.1 apk on your smartphone and changing the wallpaper then it is must to install this app on your phone. You can’t able to change the Wallpaper without installing this application. For Downloading it, Click on the below Play Store icon.

So, try this new Android P Launcher on your smartphone and make the look change with some new features and share with your friends.

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