How to enable Picture in Picture on YouTube Android

A vast majority of Internet users use YouTube on their devices. It is available as an app for Android, and iPhone, and in the browser users can use YouTube from its website. The app comes with many features on both platforms. And PIP has to be one of the best features. But not all users get to use YouTube PiP mode. Here’s how to enable YouTube Picture in Picture on Android.

Youtube is the biggest platform for enjoying video content. It has everything from how to guide, and entertainment videos to short movies. And because of the large platform, it has all the leading features it needs. Unfortunately, not all features are free for users. Picture in Picture aka PIP is also an exclusive feature. Here you will get to know everything about PiP Mode for YouTube Android.

Picture in picture mode allows YouTube to play a video in a smaller window after the YouTube app is minimized. This way you can use other apps while watching YouTube videos in a small window on any part of the display. This is quite useful if you do multitask.

How to enable YouTube Picture in Picture on Android

YouTube PiP Availability

As mentioned earlier the picture in picture mode is available to select users and not to everyone. So before we jump to the guide let’s see who all users can use the PiP mode.

The PiP mode is available for free to users in the USA. This means if you are a YouTube Android user in the USA, you don’t need to purchase premium subscription.

But if you are from outside the USA and want to use the PiP feature, then you will need to subscribe to the premium plan. So you can say it is a premium exclusive feature unless you are from the USA.

Now that you know the two eligibility conditions, you may have got the answers to questions such as why YouTube PiP is not working on my phone, whether can we use YouTube PiP without premium, and some other doubts related to it.

How to Turn on PiP Mode on YouTube for Android

If you are a premium YouTube user or a free YouTube user in the USA then you can enjoy the picture in picture mode on your YouTube Android app. Yes, you need to do some settings to enjoy the PiP mode. Here is how to enable the PiP mode.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone and head to Apps.
  2. Look for YouTube and open it.
    How to enable Picture in Picture on YouTube Android
  3. Scroll down and you will find the Picture in Picture option. Tap it and switch the toggle to On.
    How to enable Picture in Picture on YouTube Android
  4. Now open the YouTube app on your Phone.
  5. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner and open Settings.
    How to enable YouTube Picture in Picture on Android
  6. Head to General Settings.
    How to enable YouTube Picture in Picture on Android
  7. Here you need to enable the Picture in Picture option.
    How to enable PiP on YouTube for Android

That’s it, the pip mode is enabled now. It is time to enjoy YouTube in the picture in picture mode.

How to use PiP Mode on YouTube for Android

Using the Picture in Picture mode on the YouTube app is quite simple. The only problem was enabling it. And since you have already done the tough part, you are all set.

  1. Play the Video you want to play on the YouTube app.
  2. Now without pausing the device or closing the app, just minimize YouTube.
  3. The playing video will switch to PiP mode.
    How to enable Picture in Picture on YouTube Android
  4. Yes, that’s all you need to do to use the pip mode.

Now coming to the controls, You can resize and even change the place of the playing video. To resize the window, zoom out using two fingers, and vice versa for reducing the size. To change the place touch & hold the video and drag it where you want to relocate it to.

You can switch to the normal YouTube mode by tapping the Video playback and you will find a resize icon with two arrows in it. Simply tap the icon and it will open the YouTube app. To close YouTube from PiP mode tap the cross X icon. There is also a Settings icon that will take you to the YouTube app info settings.

So that’s all on how to enable and use Youtube Picture in Picture on Android phones. In case you have any queries regarding the PiP, let us know in the comment section.

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