How to Share Photos and Videos with Vizio TV using Viziogram

Are you looking to share photos and videos with Vizio TV using Viziogram? With intelligent devices seamlessly integrating into our daily lives in today’s rapidly expanding technology landscape, the need for interconnection has never been greater. Our smartphones save an infinite amount of memories in the form of images that capture the essence of beloved experiences. Vizio, a television technology pioneer, has taken a giant step forward with its innovation, Viziogram.

This fantastic feature allows users to easily transfer their favorite images from their devices to their Vizio TVs, allowing them to relieve those memorable moments from the pricey canvas of their home entertainment system. After reading this guide, you will get an idea of how you can share photos and videos with Vizio TV using Viziogram.

How to Share Photos and Videos with Vizio TV using Viziogram

A partnership between convenience and creativity Viziogram is more than just a feature; it demonstrates Vizio’s commitment to creating products that improve our lives. Viziogram provides an ecosystem to revolutionize by effortlessly connecting personal gadgets and home entertainment systems. The experience is captured in photographs.

This technology, that is no longer limited by physical connectors or tangled wires, presents a fresh way of sharing memories that brings joy and ease to your living room.

Viewers can use Viziogram to share media files, i.e., photos and videos, with friends and family via supported VIZIO intelligent TVs. Anyone with a Vizio account and the Vizio Mobile app can send a VIZIOgram photo or video from their mobile device; however, Viziograms will only be shared among linked individuals who have accepted the invitation.

Once connected, everyone may transfer pictures or videos from their smartphones to their contacts’ Vizio TVs via Viziogram. Today’s guide will help you set up Viziogram, add friends, and learn how to share photos and videos with Vizio TV using Viziogram.

How to Setup Viziogram and Add Friends

Below are the steps to set up Viziogram and add friends to it using the Vizio mobile application.

Step 1: Before you begin, ensure that your Vizio TV has access to the Internet and is set to the “SmartCast” input.

Step 2: Scroll down to the apps row on the home screen and select Viziogram from the list.


Step 3: On the next screen, click on Get Started.

Step 4: Now, use your phone camera or a QR code scanning app to scan the QR code visible on your TV screen. Alternatively, you can follow the “Setup on Web” instructions by visiting on a browser and entering the code displayed on your TV screen.


Step 5: Download the Vizio mobile app from the Play Store or App Store.


Step 6: Once installed, open it and tap Create an account if you are a new user; otherwise select Sign in.


Step 7: Click on Viziogram from the bottom menu.

Step 8: Choose Add a Friend, and you will see the option to send a text or email to invite them.


Step 9: Once someone receives your invitation, they will be asked or prompted to install the application on their phone to accept the request.


Step 10: Once they accept the request, the next time you open the application on your phone, you will need to confirm it to send photos and videos.

How to Send Photos and Videos to Your TV using Viziogram

Anyone with a Vizio account and its mobile app can share Viziogram with their friends on Vizio TV. To share photos and videos with Vizio TV using Viziogram, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Vizio mobile app and tap on Viziogram.

Step 2: Click on Create at the bottom-right side.


Step 3: Now, select photos or videos from your device, then tap Add.


Step 4: On the next screen, add a title, select a friend to share it with, and tap OK to confirm it.


Note: You can send up to 10 photos at a time or a single video of up to 70 seconds.

When you send a Viziogram to a friend, they will receive a notification on their TV. They can directly open it by tapping Open on the notification.

Conclusion: Share Photos and Videos with Vizio TV Using Viziogram

By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can easily share photos and videos with Vizio TV using Viziogram. Adopting the art of sharing via Viziogram on your Vizio TV opens up a world of possibilities. This guide illuminates the route to seamless connectivity, allowing you to smoothly bridge the gap between your precious memories and your loved ones’ screens.

Viziogram is more than simply a tool; it’s a conduit for emotions, memories, and shared experiences. Viziogram enables you to communicate in ways that transcend distance, whether you’re sharing a collection of stunning photographs or a quick video that captures the essence of a memory.

Please leave any further questions in the comments. Also, please share this article with your friends so that they can also take advantage of this new feature and send you their photos and videos.

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