Oppo Reno Gets ColorOS 6 based on Android 10 Beta Update in India

Oppo Reno is one of the popular phones and a part of the Reno Series now getting Android 10 Beta update. The update is ColorOS 6 based on Android 10 as mentioned officially in Twitter by ColorOS Twitter handle. Oppo Reno is the same device that has a unique and interesting popup camera. If you have the Oppo Reno smartphone, then you can install the Android 10 update manually. Here we will help you to download & install Oppo Reno Android 10 beta update (ColorOS 6). Oppo Reno Android 10 Beta Update

Oppo Reno is near to any flagship smartphone in performance in different sections like camera, screen response, etc. The phone only lacks in the processor segment where it is powered with Snapdragon 710 processor. Right now, the Android 10 beta is only available for Indian users, so if you are from a different region, you may have to wait. But if we get the Oppo Reno Android 10 Beta update file, then we will share it with you. So that users from the different regions can also experience Android 10 on Oppo Reno.

To Note: The Android 10 Beta update for Oppo Reno will be available in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand at the end of October month.

The update brings all the Android 10 features that you may have been waiting for since the launch of Android 10. It’s a trial beta testing for Oppo Reno users in India, which will let you experience Android 10. It comes with Build number CPH1917EX_11_W02_Beta. The size of the latest Oppo Reno Android 10 update is around 2-3GB. If you want to know new features that you will get within the update, check the changelogs below.

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Oppo Reno Android 10 Beta – Changelogs

Display & Brightness

  • Adds Dark Mode, a set of dark color schemes, delivers an all-new visual experience for you.
  • Adds Screen-Off Clock options for personalizing your lock screen.


  • Multi-Screen Interaction has been renamed Screen Cast and user instructions have been added.
  • Swipe left or right at the bottom of the screen to switch between recently used apps.
  • Adds Brand new system animations, animations are more rich and exquisite.
  • Adds Brand new charging animation to create a visually smoother experience.
  • Tap a blank area on the Recent Tasks screen to go back to the Home screen.
  • Optimized sounds to pair more naturally with the UI design.


  • Adds Multi-screen interactive upgrades to screencast, new instructions for use, easy to master function points.

Game Space

  • Restyled the launch screen with vibrant animations and dazzling visuals.


  • Adds SOS Helper: Emergency contacts will receive a call once you are in danger.
  • Adds an Emergency Call button on the power off-screen.
  • Adds Passwords function: Encrypt all app accounts and passwords you save to Passwords. Passwords will autofill this information when you sign in to your apps.

Notification Bar

  • Adds Hide Status Bar icons for silent notifications.
  • Optimized the Quick Settings interface for easier one-handed operation.


  • Adds Screenrecord shortcut setting button, for fast and intuitive operation.
  • Adds the Pause option in screenrecord.


  • Adds Support to original keep/delete the original image after editing the screenshot.
  • Adds Screenshot sound On/Off option.
  • New screenshot interaction: After taking a screenshot, swipe up and release to share it, or swipe down and release to take a long screenshot.


  • Adds Calculator floating window mode, floating window transparency can be adjusted, calculator interface is free to switch, the calculation is faster and more convenient.

File Manager

  • Adds a recent files list for you to easily browse newly added files.


  • Adds new animations and restyled the layout in Weather.


  • Adds Trim function in Recorder.

Home Screen

  • Adds Simple Mode for the Home screen. App icons are displayed larger and the screen layout is simplified.
  • Adds a series of new live wallpapers.
  • Adds Desktop swipe down now can custom Settings for Notification Center or Global Search.

HeyTap Cloud

  • Adds cloud services. Files and important data can be saved to the cloud for access on all devices.
  • Cloud Service has been renamed HeyTap Service.


  • Adds options to select where you want to display Dual Clock.


  • A random MAC is provided for your phone when connected to Wi-Fi to block targeted ads and improve privacy protection.
  • Adds a drawer in “Messages” that merges different functions and settings.
  • Adds Contact support last name avatar display.
  • Optimized SIM card and data management.
  • Optimized the Contacts interface for more conciseness and efficiency.


  • Optimized the UI for you to easily set and use frequently used functions.

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Download & Install Oppo Reno Android 10 Beta Update (ColorOS 6)

The Android 10 beta registration is now open for users in India. So if you want to get the beta update, then you can follow the procedure given. Oppo Reno Android 10 Beta Update

Step 1) First, update your Oppo Reno to the latest version if available (CPH1917EX_11.A.12_0120_201909252249). It will only work for the India region.

Step 2) After updating your phone to the latest version, open Settings on your phone.

Step 3) In Settings, go to the Software Update option. Now you will see a settings icon on the top right corner, click on the settings icon.

Step 4) In the next screen, select ‘Trial Version.’

Step 5) Under the Trial version, you will see Android 10 for the ColorOS 6 option. Select the option to proceed further.

Step 6) Now enter the asked details like a registered phone number. Read all the agreement and select the checkbox.

Step 7) Click on Apply Now button to submit application.

Step 8) After review, the device will show Application Successful. And now, on the same screen, click on the Done button.

Step 9) Now go back to Software Update settings, and there you will see a new ColorOS 6 update based on Android 10 for Oppo Reno. Click on the Download button to download Oppo Reno Android 10 Beta update.

Step 10) After downloading, it will install Android 10 on your Oppo Reno. Enjoy the Oppo Reno Android 10 beta update.

You can also roll back to the stable Android 9 version if you don’t like the Android 10 beta. Follow this guide to rollback. It is very simple, but it will erase all the data on your phone, so make sure to take a backup.

After updating your phone also update all the Apps to enjoy Android 10 features on every App.

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