How to Open any App using Side Key on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Android phones typically come with a limited number of buttons, and most of them are non-changeable unless you follow unofficial methods. However, on Samsung Galaxy phones, the side key can be remapped. By default, it is assigned to open Bixby (on press and hold), but it can also be changed to function as a Power key, similar to phones from other OEMs.

The Side key on Samsung phones can also be used to open apps but in a different manner than the press-and-hold function. If you’re curious about how to accomplish this, let’s explore the guide to open apps using the Side key on Samsung phones.

One UI is arguably one of the best choices Samsung has ever made. Since its release a few years ago, Samsung has continuously improved the One UI, making it feature-rich and incorporating almost every essential feature.

The ability to customize buttons for tasks beyond their default assigned functions is one of the standout features that sets Samsung phones apart. Sure there are many alternatives to customize buttons as you want on other devices too, but it’s available officially on Samsung phones, at least for the Side button.

Open any App with Side Key on Samsung

Given the abundance of features, it’s possible that you may not be aware of this particular feature. However, after reading this guide, you will have all the information you need about it. If you enjoy exploring the features on your phone, you might already be familiar with it. It’s quite easy to assign specific tasks to the side key. You can easily configure it to launch Bixby or access power options with a single press. But the options expand wider when we talk about double pressing the power button.

Double pressing the Side Key can perform more tasks like launching camera, Samsung Wallet, or any other specific app. If you are planning to open a particular app by double pressing the side key, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy.
  2. Scroll down and look for the Advanced features, open it.
    How to Open any App with Side Key on Samsung
  3. Here you will find a bunch of options, tap the Side key to open its options.
    How to Open any App with Side Key on Samsung
  4. Under the Side key, you will see Double Press, and Press and Hold.
  5. By default, the double press will be off, so enable it by turning the toggle to On.
    How to Open any App with Side Key on Samsung
  6. Once you have done that, select the third option which is Open app.
  7. Now tap the gear icon next to Open app, and select a particular app.
    How to Open any App with Side Key on Samsung
  8. From now on when you double-press the side key, it will open the app you selected.

You can select any app installed on your device to open with the double press side key shortcut. This comes in handy when you open an app frequently, as you can save time by quickly launching the app.

This is quite simple, right? That’s all you need to do to select an app to trigger when double-pressing the side button. Is this the feature you will be using frequently? Let us know your opinion about the Side Key customization feature.

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