OnePlus Open gets Android 14 via OxygenOS 14 Open Beta

The first foldable device from OnePlus is now receiving the Android 14 beta. OnePlus has announced the OxygenOS 14 open beta for its foldable device, bringing Android 14 to the table. The update is already available for users willing to participate in the beta program. This is the very first Open Beta for the foldable.

OnePlus Open was released only two months ago. The first foldable received good reviews but still this is OnePlus’ first attempt at a foldable line and it needs improvements, which we can expect in the next generation foldable.

The OxygenOS 14 Open beta build for OnePlus Open is available with build number CPH2551_14.0.0.81(EX01). The software experience is different on foldables and tablets compared to standard smartphones. So the new update for foldable will be a bit different than the update for other smartphones. Here’s the official changelog.

OnePlus Open Android 14 Changelog

Smart efficiency

  • Adds File Dock, where you can drag and drop to transfer content between apps and devices.
  • Adds Content Extraction, a feature that can recognise and extract text and images from the screen with one tap.
  • Adds Smart Cutout, a feature that can separate multiple subjects in a photo from the background for copying or sharing.

Cross-device connectivity

  • Improves Shelf by adding more widget recommendations.

Security and privacy

  • Improves photo and video-related permission management for safer access by apps.

Performance optimization

  • Improves system stability, the launch speed of apps and the smoothness of animations.

Aquamorphic Design

  • Upgrades Aquamorphic Design with a natural, gentle and clearer colour style for a more comfortable colour experience.
  • Adds Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamps the system notification sounds. • Improves system animations by making them even smoother.

User Care

  • Adds a carbon tracking AOD that visualises the carbon emissions you avoid by walking instead of driving.

In the community forum, OnePlus shared that the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta is available for the first 5000 users who apply for the beta program. The beta program launched on 25 December. If you have a OnePlus Open and want to participate in the beta program, you can follow the guide below.

How to Install OxygenOS 14 Open beta on OnePlus Open

  1. First make sure to install latest OxygenOS 13 build (CPH2551_13.2.0.203(EX01) or newer).
  2. Now go to Settings > About device > Tap up to date > Tap icon on the top right > Beta program.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply for the open beta. If your application passes the review, you will receive the update in few hours or couple of days.
  4. To install the update go to Settings > About device > Download Now.

Before installing the update make sure to take backup of your phone and charge it to at least 50%.

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