One UI 6.1 Features List: It’s No Small Update

In January, Samsung introduced One UI 6.1 alongside its latest Galaxy S24 flagship phones. One UI 6.1, the new upgrade for Galaxy devices, is based on Android 14, similar to One UI 6. The One UI 6.1 will also be available for eligible Galaxy phones soon. We have compiled a complete list of One UI 6.1 features here.

Samsung has already updated most of its Galaxy phones to One UI 6, and now the company can shift its focus to releasing One UI 6.1 to eligible devices. If you’re curious to know which devices are eligible, you can check out the list here.

One UI 6.1 is not a small update but a big one with so many new features that should have been the part of One UI 6 in the first place. Since there are so many features, searching for them could take some time. To save you time, we have added all the features of One UI 6.1 in this article.

One UI 6.1 Features

Generative AI Wallpapers

It is one of the best One UI 6.1 features that Galaxy users now get to enjoy on their phone. This feature allows users to create various wallpapers by entering prompts. Similar to how it works in Pixel 8, users can choose from pre-defined text to generate a unique prompt. Users can find the feature in Wallpapers & Style > Change Wallpapers > Generative.

Widget Support in Lock Screen

There was a time when adding widgets to the lock screen was possible, but this functionality was later removed. However, with Apple introducing the Widgets feature on the lock screen with iOS 16, there was an expectation that similar support would come to Android phones as well.

One UI 6.1 Features

With One UI 6.1, Samsung introduces Lock Screen widget support on Galaxy phones. Currently, it is available for Samsung apps like Clock, Calendar, Battery, Weather, and more. While it’s not confirmed, there’s a possibility that we could see third-party widget support in later One UI builds.

Battery Protection

One UI 6.1 introduces a new battery protection feature. This feature allows you to maintain the health of your device’s battery for a longer time by limiting the charge to 80%. Overcharging the phone is one of the main reasons why battery life degrades faster.

One UI 6.1 Features

Earlier it was possible to limit charge to 85%, but the new Battery Protection feature opens more options like Basic, Adaptive, and Maximum. The feature was hidden in One UI 6, but now it can be found in Settings > Battery in One UI 6.1.

AOD with Wallpaper

The new Always On Display (AOD) option allows you to display wallpapers while dimming the brightness, similar to iOS. The full black screen AOD is still available. Both options are available to users. It’s worth noting that the new AOD option may consume a bit more power.

Photo Ambient

As the name suggests, One UI 6.1 now has the capability to add ambient effects to wallpapers, giving them an animated appearance. It overlays weather animations such as snowfall, fog, rain, and other weather effects on wallpapers.

Adaptive Color Tone

A new option in Display Settings allows the device to adjust colors based on ambient lighting conditions. This feature is quite similar to the True Tone feature on iPhones. Users can enable it by going to Settings > Display > Adaptive Color Tone.

Camera Sharing

A new camera feature allows users to use their smartphones as webcams for Galaxy Tablets. We know Tablets have average camera quality, and so this features will be useful if you want to do a quality video call on your Galaxy tablet. It works wirelessly.

One UI 6.1 Features

To enjoy this feature the Camera sharing option must be enabled on both devices along with WiFi and Bluetooth. Camera Sharing option is available in Settings > Connected Devices.

Voice Focus

A call-related feature enhances the clarity of calls for better conversations. By setting the Mic Mode to Voice Focus, users can remove background noise and make voices clear so that the other person can hear them clearly.

When in a call, users can open the expand view on Quick Settings, and then tap Mic Mode option on top, and then choose Voice Focus.

Customize Alarm Background

In One UI 6.1, users can set an image or a video for the Alarm background. This can be a good replacement for text that we add for the Alarm to remind us of something specific. Now we can set different wallpapers for different Alarms, and by just looking the wallpaper in the Alarm that its for this or that task.

Enhanced Photo Editor

With the help of AI, the One UI 6.1 let users re-imagine pictures like move people or object anywhere in the photo, resize them, or remove them. It also let users change the angle of the photo and the empty part will be filled with matching background.

Summarize and Translated Webpages

When you are on a webpage and don’t have much time to go every information in that page, you can get the Summary of the page by using the Browsing Assist option. If the webpage in different language, you can also translate using the same option.

Circle to Search

A powerful AI feature that let users search for anything they see on their screen. Samsung and Google partnered together to brings many AI features and it is one of them.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

When you see anything interesting in the screen while browsing, chatting, checking stories, you can just circle, scribble or highlight it and it will give more information about the object or text without switching apps.

To bring the Circle to Search, you can long tap the Home icon if using buttons, or long tap the gesture bar when using gestures.

Translate while Chatting

In eligible apps like Google Messages, you will be able instantly translate your message before sending it to the receiver. This uses Write Assist a new AI feature. This way, you can easily chat with other users in their language. Their message will also be translated in your language when you receive them.

Galaxy 24 AI Features

Instantly see Videos in Slo-Mo

While any video in the Gallery, users can touch and hold to see it in slow-mo. This can be useful when users look for a specific information in a video but can’t pause the video at the correct time due to fast paced. And also they can enjoy memories in cinematic Slo-Mo.

There could be a few more One UI 6.1 features. But these are the best features and main attraction of the update. We will let you know once the One UI 6.1 goes live for older Galaxy phones.

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