Nokia announces Android 13 Developer Preview for Nokia X20

This is the time when most Android based OEMs partner with Google to start testing the upcoming major Android update. And this year Android 13 is going to release later this year. Brands like Sharp, OnePlus, Realme, Oppo, etc. have already released the Android 13 preview for their latest flagship phones. And now Nokia also joined the party by releasing the Android 13 Developer Preview for Nokia X20.

Android 13 is available for testing on Pixel phones from February. And since then Google has already completed two Android 13 developer previews and a beta. Recently Google released Android 13 beta 2 after the Google I/O event. And like every year, other OEMs have started testing new Android updates right after the I/O event this year too.

The Nokia X20 is the latest flagship phone from Nokia that now gets a taste of Android 13 via the developer preview program by Nokia and Google. This is the first Android 13 DP build for the Nokia X20 and hence may contain major bugs and is recommended not to use in the main device.

The Android 13 Developer Preview for non-Pixel phones does not include all the features that we get in the Android 13 beta on Pixel phones. It is because these early Developer Previews are released to support developers as they can start testing their apps and games in a new Android version.

Android 13 Developer Preview for Nokia X20

If you are a Nokia X20 user and want to try the first build of Android 13 Developer Preview on your phone, you can do that within a few simple steps. Let’s start with the requirements.


  • Take a full backup of your Phone as installing Android 13 Developer Preview on Nokia X20 will delete data
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • Update your Nokia X20 to the latest stable version
  • Downgrade is possible but it will reset your phone

Steps to Install Android 13 Developer Preview on Nokia X20

  1. Open the My Device app on your Nokia X20.
  2. Click on the Support banner at the bottom and look for Android Developer Preview. Tap on it.
  3. It will check your device IMEI for confirmation. Agree to terms and conditions and tap continue.
  4. After applying for the Developer Preview, Nokia will send an OTA update that will carry Android 13 DP. The OTA update may take time.
  5. Once the update is available, download and install it on your phone.
  6. Now do a soft reboot and enjoy Android 13 on your Nokia X20.

If you want to update to Android 13 immediately then after applying for Developer Preview wait for 30 minutes. And then go to Settings > About Phone > System Update. Now search for the update and it will show Android 13 Developer Preview.

If you have completed your testing and no longer want to use Android 13 Developer Preview then you can request rollback from the My Device app.

Let us know your Android 13 experience on your Nokia X20 through the comment section.

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