Motorola releases Android 14 Beta for Moto G54 5G

Motorola provides the best stock Android like experience with its software. But the company is not well known when it comes to releasing regular updates. It seems Motorola is slowly making progress. After releasing stable Android 14 for the Moto G53, Motorola also rolled out Android 14 beta for the Moto G54.

Last year, it took a long time for Motorola to bring the Android 13 update even to its premium phones. But this time Android 14 arrive early unlike the last update. Yes, Motorola still trail behind many other companies, but it represents a notable improvement from last year.

The beta program within the Motorola community is referred to as the Motorola Feedback Network. Following a similar goal to beta testing, eligible users receive a build to provide feedback. After identifying bugs and issues, the company addresses them before releasing a more stable build to the public.

The Moto G54 MFN was announced a few days ago, and it appears that the Android 14 beta build is already being rolled out to registered users. The Android 14 beta for Moto G54 5G has been spotted in India with build number U1TD34.68. The update weighs 1.62GB in size.

Since Android 14 is a major update, you can expect to experience a bunch of new features like more customization control, better privacy & security, new widgets, lock screen customization, and more. An X user FanboyMoto shared some of the new customization control through Tweets and it does show some interesting controls.

Android 14 Beta for Moto G54 5G

According to the shared screenshot, the Android 14 beta also brings December 2023 Android security patch on Moto G54 5G. We aren’t aware of the additional changes at the moment but once the stable update is out, full information will be provided since MFN is confidential and users can’t share details.

If you own Moto G54 5G, and want to experience Android 14 before its official release then you can enroll for the MFN. Remember it is a beta build and so there can be minor as well as major bugs.

To join MFN, you will need a Lenovo/Motorola forum account. And in your forum profile your device information should be available like IMEI or SN. You can register your Moto phone in the forum. To do that first login to the forum and then go to Moto > Add > Fill device details. When you add your phone, you will get option for MFN that you can opt-in and then Submit.

You can also ask the officials in the forum if you want to join MFN and they will help you by coordinating with you through the email registered in the forum.

After applying for MFN, you will get beta build when its available. Don’t forget to backup your data and also charge your phone to at least 50%.

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