Moto G Pure (2021) starts getting Android 12 update

While most Android OEMs have shifted their focus on providing the Android 13 updates, Motorola is still working on pushing the Android 12 update to the pending Motorola phones. The company has now started rolling out the stable Android 12 update to the Moto G Pure. No matter which carrier you have, the update has been officially released by most carriers. Verizon officially confirmed the rollout by sharing the update information on its website. Read along to know more about the Moto G Pure Android 12 update.

Verizon’s website confirms the Android 12 rollout for the Moto G Pure in the US. The device is receiving a major incremental upgrade with the S3RH32.30-42-10 software version. Like most major OS upgrades, this one also requires a big chunk of data for downloading, so make sure you have enough data to install the Android 12 update on your phone.

There are many users reportedly receiving the new update, here’s a screenshot shared by a Twitter user (@nrshelnutt). According to the Moto G Pure users, the update knocks up the device the August 2022 monthly security patch and brings a big list of changes to the device.

Moto G Pure Android 12 update

Talking about the features and changes, the Moto G Pure Android 12 build bag features such as Material You, an updated notification panel, new widgets, and a bunch of security and privacy features. Apart from that, the update comes with a slew of customization options such as font style, size, colors, icon shapes, layouts, wallpapers, and more from the home screen menu. The update also brings the essential features of Android 12.

Now if you own a Moto G Pure and want to update your phone to the latest Android 12, then navigate to Settings > About Phone > System Updates, now if there’s a new update, select Yes I’m in to start downloading the software, once downloaded, tap on Install Now.

If the update is not available, you can wait for a few days or update it manually. Before updating your phone make sure to charge it to at least 50% and also make a backup of important data.

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11 thoughts on “Moto G Pure (2021) starts getting Android 12 update”

  1. my update to version 12 disabled my SIM card and locked me out of the Metro / T-Mobile network. I’m awaiting resolution from motorola.

  2. We are in the same boat. Called on Wednesday and I was told we would hear from them in 24 to 48 hours. Still nothing. Call today and Motorola said they are still waiting to hear from Android.

  3. Same problem here. Not sure why they don’t just issue new phone. Shouldn’t have to pay for a new one. Been five days now and nothing. Terrible customer service.

    • It totally sucks ! I hate the new update. Everything has changed from how I originally set it up.
      Your right, we should get new free phones !! I don’t even think that I was informed of the New 12 update !! I didn’t even pay my Bill this month.

  4. OMG!!! I am going thru the same thing… I think…. my phone automatically updated to the 12 and not even a week later, my phone just turned off and now i can’t turn it back on at all… WHAT DO I DO?

  5. I hate the 12 “upgrade” on my Moto G Stylus 5G (2021). Bubbles are more rude than popups. The pulldown blacks the whole screen out behind it, and they replaced Quick Settings Tiles with crappy big boxes with little tiny text in them that nobody can read. I wish I could downgrade to 10 cos 12 sucks.

  6. I HATE the 12 “downgrade” They removed many of the features I liked about android 11 and stuck garbage in it’s place or nothing at all. I HATE the new clock on the lock screen. That is a clock face for a watch not a cell phone.

  7. I will not upgrade to android 12……Wowsers. Thank you for letting us know. Good thing I checked. Turns your phone into a brick.

  8. I took have attempted to get help from Motorola. It’s beyond me why these phones are rated so high. I’ve hated this phone from day1. There nothing intuitive. I am so grateful for all of your comments about the 12 upgrade I haven’t installed it. THANK GOD I haven’t. The stinking notification is a pain but least I can use it. I to have called Motorola customer service which is a huge joke. Thank you all


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